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Case Studies

  • Unruly with the Assist!
    How DIRECTV Wins in the Live Sports & Programmatic Game

    Since 2022, DIRECTV Advertising has partnered with Unruly to both monetize their premium live sports inventory and enable advertisers to seamlessly reach their expansive and coveted live sports audiences year-round. In addition to the quality demand sourced from Unruly, DIRECTV Advertising’s access to Unruly’s CTRL self-service platform and its capabilities have been crucial to create live sports PMP deals (e.g., dayparting and channel targeting), and DIRECTV Advertising has continued to reap the benefits including increased revenue and scalable live sports audience delivery.

  • Self-Service Audience Targeting Helped Glewed TV Earn 15- 25% Higher eCPM

    Since the launch of Unruly’s self-service platform CTRL in 2021, Glewed TV has used our solution not only to price, package, and sell their premium supply to brands both directly and via Unruly’s supporting PMP/PG sales channels, but also to tap into its various features to enhance their inventory.

Actionable Insights

Unruly regularly collaborates with leading academics from around the globe – including scholars at Harvard Business School, the University of Cambridge and Stanford University – to help advertisers and publishers inform their video strategies.


Check out some of the awards we’ve won!

  • Unruly Nominated for Best Ad Ops Team at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards

    Could three be the magic number for Unruly? Our awesome Ops team has been shortlisted for Best Ad Ops Team by The Drum for a third successive year. The last two times Unruly has walked away with the coveted award, but could it be third time lucky? Well, we’ll soon find out. The winners will be announced at The Drum Digital Summit, in a live ceremony on Wednesday, November 11. Best of luck to all the other incredible teams that have been nominated. The Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC aims to unearth the talented individuals, teams, products, and services that are making the biggest difference in the digital advertising world. For more information, click here.

  • Unruly Shortlisted For Best Use Of Data At Digiday Marketing & Advertising Awards

    Unruly’s research into how advertisers can apply the Peak-End Rule to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns has been shortlisted at this year’s Digiday Marketing & Advertising Awards Europe in the Best Use of Data category. The Peak-End Rule is a scientific theory coined by the Nobel Prize-winning behavioural psychologist Daniel Kahneman that suggests that we judge experiences, whether positive or negative, based on how we feel at the peak and at the end, instead of judging overall experience. Unruly worked with Richard Shotton, the founder of Astroten, a behavioural science consultancy, and emotion AI pioneers Affectiva to understand whether consumers judge video ads the same way. What we found was videos that generated sharp peaks in emotion were more likely to be remembered by viewers than videos