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Ampverse Partners with Unruly to Amplify Gaming and eSports Impact in Southeast Asia

The partnership brings a data-driven approach to accessing key esports talent across the region

SINGAPORE — April 21, 2020 — Gaming and esports media company Ampverse today announces its partnership with video ad tech company Unruly, combining data-driven insights and content creation to fuel media amplification of gaming and esports talent across Southeast Asia.

The partnership between Ampverse and Unruly, owned by Tremor International, recognises an opportunity for brands to gain a sophisticated understanding of how their video campaigns engage gaming audiences across the region.

The Asia-Pacific region is at the heart of the global video gaming industry, with more than 1.2 billion active gamers across the region. With gaming content quickly becoming mainstream and consumption fast accelerating, top gaming influencers have seen growth in their viewership numbers by up to 40% over the last 30 days.

Ampverse champions gaming influencers and professional esports teams by building an ecosystem across Southeast Asia that enables them to maximise their creative and commercial potential. The media rights and assets company works with talent to create content using authentic voices that can drive high engagement among gaming audiences.

Charlie Baillie, Co-Founder and CCO, Ampverse 

Charlie Baillie, Chief Commercial Officer at Ampverse, said, “We’re excited to finally announce this partnership with Unruly to deliver an enhanced offering for brands to measure the impact of their investments into gaming and esports media.

“Gaming consumption has recently accelerated in this region, and our focus now is to create meaningful content formats for brands to engage these audiences while using technology to optimise conversion and bring an intelligent measure of success. Unruly is a renowned industry leader in its own right, and so we’re very excited to work together to raise the game for brands, while helping to champion the growth of gaming talent across Southeast Asia.”

Video advertising marketplace Unruly handles video inventory within premium publishing environments across the region, including SMX, Kompas, Sanook, Oriental Daily, South China Morning Post, and gaming sites such as IGN, helping brands further extend their reach through gaming content on premium titles.

Unruly also works with content creators to optimise the emotional impact, performance and ROI of their creatives using its proprietary pre-testing and targeting tool UnrulyEQ, and adapt existing assets into a range of different formats through its creative studio UnrulyEQ Edit Suite. UnrulyEQ Lite, which gives a quick snapshot of ad effectiveness, has been offered at a 50% discount in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic — ensuring clients understand sentiment and brand impact before deploying media dollars.

Gregory Fournier, Senior Vice President Client Partnerships, Unruly


Gregory Fournier, Senior Vice President Client Partnerships at Unruly, said: “Unruly has always operated at the very cutting edge of video, initially through viral in the late noughties, we saw the power of influencers as far back as 2007.  We’re witnessing a fast tracking of the mainstreaming of esports and gaming as a result of enforced isolation. With no live sport to satisfy our competitive urges, we’re seeing millions of new consumers watching esports, playing games and engaging with huge growing communities across Southeast Asia.  

“Ampverse is an exciting partner, building a portfolio of leading gaming and esports influencers, and providing mainstream brands an opportunity to build video campaigns that drive huge audiences and high engagement levels.  By using UnrulyEQ to help understand audiences, pre-test video concepts and then distribute these assets across Ampverse and Unruly’s premium channels, together we provide an end-to-end, low risk, data-driven solution for brands looking to leverage this exploding consumer trend.”