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Unruly launches new tool to inform targeting based on cultural nuances within the US

Advertisers can use Unruly’s emotional data to inform cut-downs and targeting that will resonate with consumers across 5 regions in the US.  

Unruly today announced the launch of its UnrulyEQ Audiences by US Region. Expanding its global partnership with MediaCom, which uses The Hofstede Insights, the video marketplace can now provide advertisers with the ability to understand the cultural nuances of audiences within the United States.

Access to MediaCom’s Cultural Connections research – which defines culture quantitatively for the first time – will allow Unruly to build on its existing insight to gain a better understanding of why video content resonates in some American regions and not in others. Definitions of cultural dimensions for US regions can include things like ambition, curiosity, identity and more.

“As advertisers, we look into culture at a global level, but often lump the US into one bucket. A country as diverse in people, landscape, and experiences, needs to be analyzed with as much special attention as individual countries. Whether it’s referencing ‘pop’ when talking about soft drinks in the midwest, selecting celebrities that connect with viewers in different regions or taking note of whether “home” has a rural, suburban or urban view for people, we can use data to inform the best way to cut your ad down and provide a deeper level of targeting throughout these local regions,” said Unruly’s US Insights Director Terence Scroope.

Additionally, the targeting tool will provide data that can be incorporated into the UnrulyX Edit Suite which allows advertisers to shorten, sharpen and convert video ads into different formats including :30, :15 or :06 versions that work best for different regions.

UnrulyX Edit Suite can be applied to play up various regional points of interest including hometown heroes, climate and surroundings, responses to celebrities and more.

“At Unruly we try to break down stereotypes which have been built up over the years. Humans are complex beings which is why we take a multi-layered approach to targeting. We look at socio-demographics, but also account for the way a person emotionally responds to video content, as well as social motivations and personality traits through our partnership with IBM Watson. We believe this builds a more personalized view on a target audience. I’m really pleased that we are now adding regional tendencies to our audience targeting,” said Steven Sottile, US President, Unruly.

Matt Mee, MediaCom’s Global Chief Strategy Officer said: “It’s easy to group countries and states by geography. But in marketing terms, this is often a mistake. After all, people who live next door to each other don’t always have things in common. MediaCom’s Cultural Connections study lets us remap North America and other countries based on how consumers think, feel and behave. This data lies at the heart of the UnrulyEQ tools and provides essential knowledge for marketers looking to transplant a product or campaign from one state to another.”