Unruly / s7 airlines / Unruly Partners With AppNexus To Bring Together Buyers And Sellers Of Viewable Outstream Video Inventory At Scale

Unruly Partners With AppNexus To Bring Together Buyers And Sellers Of Viewable Outstream Video Inventory At Scale

Highly viewable, user-friendly formats offer scaled alternative to pre-roll

LONDON, NEW YORK, SYDNEY – Tuesday, June 7, 2016 – Video ad tech company Unruly and AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced a partnership to combine the reach of AppNexus’ video buying platform with the quality and scale of Unruly’s viewable video SSP, UnrulyX™, where 70% of views are delivered across comScore 500 sites.

This new alliance is an important step in ensuring that advertisers and publishers around the world can transact premium outstream video campaigns at scale in a fair and open market.

“Buyers want premium video inventory, but they also demand scale and viewability. The strength of this partnership is that AppNexus buyers have access to premium outstream inventory that is non-interruptive, while simultaneously increasing viewer engagement, brand performance and publisher revenues,” said Unruly Co-CEO, Sarah Wood.

“Now that Google has pulled YouTube inventory from the open market and as Facebook sunsets LiveRail, marketer choice, flexibility, and agility has been greatly restricted,” said Eric Hoffert, SVP, Video Technology, AppNexus. “AppNexus is working fast to bring access to diverse, premium video supply pools like those offered by UnrulyX to our open platform for buyers. Together with Unruly, we’re offering superior reach, greater audience-building, and more transparent pricing to elevate the entire video advertising ecosystem.”

AppNexus buyers will have access to more than a billion monthly viewable outstream video impressions via UnrulyX, from business and news sites such as MarketWatch and The Sun, to sports sites including Goal.com, to lifestyle sites such as Vogue Australia, many of which are exclusive to UnrulyX. The video ad tech company’s SSP delivers user-friendly video formats, giving buyers the opportunity and scale to diversify their digital video buy beyond pre-roll.

According to the Unruly Future Video Survey, 62.1% of viewers globally want to be in control of their video ad experience. UnrulyX offers user-controlled placements on premium publishers’ sites, ideal for advertisers looking for high-impact, viewable ad placements on sites where consumers are already watching and consuming video. Viewability is inherent, as the ad does not begin to play unless 50% of the creative is in-view and always allows the user to skip the ad.

UnrulyX’s in-house brand safety team works closely with trusted partners, including Moat and Integral Ad Science, to verify both viewability levels and human traffic and ensure advertisers’ creatives will only appear in brand safe environments. The company is also compliant with TAG’s Quality Assurance Guidelines and JICWEBS’ Social Video Code.

As part of its mission to create a better video internet, AppNexus recently announced its own solution for video viewability, for both instream and outstream inventory, to help clients quickly and effectively identify and reach ideal consumers within video environments. In this capacity, the company supports IAB, GroupM, and custom definitions of viewability.

UnrulyX will give clients access to ad placements on hundreds of premium publisher sites through AppNexus’ open exchange and Private Marketplace. A full list of Unruly’s media partners can be found on the UnrulyX Partner Portal here. UnrulyX inventory is planned for availability in the AppNexus video marketplace by the end of June.


About Unruly

Unruly is the ad tech company that gets videos seen, shared and loved across the Open Web. Positioned at the intersect of video, social, native & mobile, Unruly uses emotional audience data and user-friendly video formats to massively increase viewer engagement, brand performance & publisher revenues.

With 3 out of every 4 video views now taking place outside of YouTube, 90% of Ad Age 100 brands have already used Unruly to connect with audiences at speed and scale across the Open Web.

UnrulyX is the first supply side platform (SSP) for mobile video to offer scaled delivery of native ad formats and guarantee the viewability of premium video impressions bought via RTB.

Unruly employs more than 200 people across 15 offices, with regional HQs in London, New York and Singapore.

Differentiated by a unique data set of 2 trillion video views and powered by a full tech stack, Unruly adds value by algorithmically evaluating content shareability and programmatically targeting custom audiences. Viewability is 100% guaranteed to an audience of 1.44 billion monthly unique users across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Its super power is emotional ad tech. Its secret weapon is passionate people on a mission to #DeliverWow. Unruly was acquired by News Corp (NASDAQ: NWS, NWSA; ASX: NWS, NWSLV) in September 2015.


About AppNexus 

AppNexus is a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising. Its open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.

As the world’s leading independent ad tech company, AppNexus is led by the pioneers of the web’s original ad exchanges. Headquartered in New York City with 23 global offices, AppNexus employs more than 1000 of the brightest minds in advertising and technology who believe that advertising powers the Internet.

For more information, follow us at @AppNexus or visit us at www.AppNexus.com.