The outstream video SSP with a smarter view

UnrulyX is the first supply-side platform that allows premium publishers to unify and report on all outstream video demand in one place. Every impression available in UnrulyX is from our one-on-one publisher relationships and is vetted by Unruly Shield, our awesome suite of brand safety and anti-fraud systems. UnrulyX uses Unruly’s polite, viewability-initiated native In-Feed, In-Article, and Vertical Video formats across desktop and mobile on premium publisher sites, all of which can be viewed on the UnrulyX PartnerPortal. Accessible via all major DSPs and via open marketplace or private marketplaces.

Emotions create values and set preferences. Inspire action. Drive sales. The best ads move people.

Unruly EQ is a content evaluation tool which will help you to maximise the emotional and business impact of your ads.

  • Identify the type and intensity of emotions elicited by your ad to predict its impact
  • Optimise content for emotional impact and improve creative quality before launch
  • Analyse the metrics that matter (brand impact, purchase intent and predicted shareability)
  • Analyse if viewers feel an ad is authentic to the brand

So whether you need support in determining your brand’s emotional voice or ensuring your latest video campaign delivers brand uplift, we’re here to help.

Demand is no longer demanding!

UnrulyX unifies all video demand sources, instantly connecting all potential buyers to your outstream inventory, maximising your fill rates and boosting CPMs.

UnrulyX Unified Demand pulls together:

  • Your own demand from the deals you set up via UnrulyX
  • Unruly’s first party demand including 91% of the AdAge Top 100 Advertisers
  • UnrulyX third party demand from DSPs, exchanges and other SSPs

UnrulyX puts you in control, so in addition to optimising for the highest CPM, you can manage your inventory however you want to. And, as UnrulyX can take demand from any SSP, there’s no longer a need for juggling and testing tags from multiple outstream video partners.




The global platform for social video advertising

Unruly Activate™ is a programmatic video platform that enables advertisers to get their videos seen, shared and loved across the open web.

Unruly Activate automatically transcodes your video assets into a range of VAST and VPAID compatible video and rich media ad formats for display via both Flash and HTML5, across a leading-edge range of In-ArticleIn-Feed, In-Stream and In-Page placements. The platform works seamlessly across multiple operating systems on the broadest possible range of desktop, mobile and tablet devices, with optimization and reporting across 100+ metrics and Dynamic Creative Optimization for multi-video campaigns.

Viewable Outstream

The In-Article format creates new video ad inventory within article pages in premium media environments. It’s a high impact video format that spans the whole width of the content well. It’s available across a number of different formats, including vertical video

The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting, and Unruly Shield brand safety and anti-fraud systems.


Programmatic Video Gets Emotional!

Unruly’s emotional targeting capability now allows advertisers, for the first time, to apply emotional targeting to their video buys.

Unruly Custom Audiences allows advertisers to connect with the consumers most likely to engage with a specific video. Using Unruly EQ data, trained on viewer responses to 3 trillion tracked video views, Unruly Custom Audiences targets viewers who demonstrate an intense emotional response to a specific ad, leading to increases in earned media, brand recall, and purchase intent. Our emotional targeting boosts brand favourability by 74% and purchase intent by 80%.


Use AI to find and engage the people most likely to increase your sales

Use our AI-powered audience targeting tool Unruly DNA to create demographic and psychographic profiles of light buyers in order to increase sales impact.

In partnership with IBM Watson and using a study of 10,000 consumers, we have created sociodemographic and psychographic profiles of the light buyers of your brand.

We then emotionally engage your light buyers to increase penetration and sales. Unruly DNA makes insight actionable by mapping the psychometric and behavioural traits to third party audience segments, across News Corp titles and third party premium media, whether that’s bought the old fashioned way or programmatically.

So are your light buyers modest altruists or gregarious thrill seekers?  

Native ads for the open web

Unruly’s market-leading format delivers programmatic native video distribution with a mobile-first approach. With viewability guaranteed, our newsfeed ads for the open web will reach your audience wherever they’re watching and sharing video. Unruly’s In-Feed format offers seamless support for mobile, tablet and desktop devices using HTML5 video playback. The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s programmatic insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting, and with Unruly Shield brand safety and anti-fraud systems. It supports pixel-based tracking from all major 3rd party tracking systems, such as Adtech, Atlas, Doubleclick, Flashtalking, Innovid and MediaMind.

Our In-Feed format is also available via UnrulyX, the industry’s first programmatic video platform to transact on viewable impressions. The connection of UnrulyX to leading DSPs means that Unruly’s viewable video inventory can now be bought programmatically by all major agency trading desks.

The most shareable pre-roll format on the planet

Unruly’s In-Stream skippable pre-roll format delivers cost-efficient reach at speed and scale. Prominent branding, always-on sharing and programmatic real-time targeting ensure you hit the right audience to maximize viral potential and campaign impact.

The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s programmatic insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting, and Unruly Shield brand safety and anti-fraud systems. 

User-initiated format to engage the open web

Unruly’s interactive in-page player ensures your content looks epic and maximizes viewer engagement.  With over 20 interactive apps, we’ll help you smash your campaign goals, whether that’s video shares, data capture or product sales.

Our In-Page format is click-to-play and is sold on a cost per engagement basis where viewability is 100%. Advertisers can increase sharing, brand advocacy and drive earned media. Viewability and brand uplift guaranteed!

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