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Millennials Are 112% More Likely To Share Video Ads

Millennials more than twice as likely to share video ads; New study from Unruly highlights what Millennials love, hate and want from ads

LONDON, NEW YORK, SINGAPORE – May 12, 2016 – Millennials are 112% more likely to share ads online they like than any other demographic. That’s according to new data by video ad tech company Unruly, which also found that Millennials are 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

With global spending powers of $2.45 trillion, 18-34-year-old digital natives are one of the most highly sought-after advertising demos.

Yet while Millennials are more likely to enjoy and share video ads than any other internet users, they are also the generation most likely to install ad blockers and put video ads on mute.

Additional key findings include:

  • This digital-savvy age group is turned off by poor quality advertising, with 93% considering ad blocking software in the future;
  • The key reasons Millennials give for considering using ad blockers is they feel they see too many ads (58.9%), they see the same ads over and over again (49.4%) and that they feel ‘creeped out’ by ads which follow them around the web (43.1%);
  • 4 out of every 5 Millennials will mute a brand’s video ads, and are the demo most likely to do so;
  • Millennials demand authenticity from brands and 74% of Millennials say they lose trust in a brand if an ad feels fake;
  • Happiness and inspiration are the emotions which resonate best with Millennials, who are 27% more likely to feel happy and 25% more likely to feel inspired when watching video ads than average;
  • Millennial men are the most emotional demo when watching video ads. They over-index against 7 emotional responses, including happiness, arousal, pride and inspiration, exhilaration, amazement, knowledge and shock.

“For advertisers wanting to connect with Millennials, this is a high-risk, high-reward demographic. Millennials are digital-first trendsetters. Get it right with this uber-connected audience and you have the potential to unlock widespread reach and powerful advocacy. Get it wrong and they are unforgiving: if you appear inauthentic or interrupt them with ads, they will actively avoid your brand,” said Unruly’s Co-CEO Sarah Wood.

“They’re overexposed to ads, and looking to clean up their online experiences by installing ad blockers. This presents a great opportunity for the advertisers who take the time to create content that cuts through to engage and inspire Millennials.”

The data is derived from Unruly’s Future Video Survey, which surveyed 3,200 people around the globe, and Unruly Pulse, which is powered by the company’s first-party data on emotional advertising. The combined data helps brands to learn how Millennial audiences differ in behavior and preference from Gen Z, Gen X and Baby Boomers.




The Unruly Future Video Survey surveyed 3,200 internet users from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, France, Indonesia and Japan.

Data is derived from Unruly Custom Audiences, Unruly Pulse and Unruly ShareRank databases.

Unruly ShareRank™ allows advertisers to maximize the social impact of their video content by evaluating, improving and predicting the viral potential of video ads.  The Unruly ShareRank algorithm is trained using more than 395,000 viewer reactions to videos and sharing data relating to 2 trillion video views.

Unruly Custom Audiences uses paid media to target the consumers most likely to experience a strong emotional connection to a specific video.

Unruly Pulse is powered by Unruly’s unique, first-party data on emotional advertising. It visualises data from more than half a million consumer responses across thousands of videos, spanning EMEA, APAC and the Americas.