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Unruly Launches Mobile-First Native Video Ad Format With adidas

New In-Feed format exceeds IAB guidelines for viewability and allows advertisers to scale their native video distribution across the Open Web 

NEW YORK, LONDON – September 10, 2014 – [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”via @Unrulyco”]adidas is the launch partner of a new in-feed ad offering from marketing technology company Unruly[/inlinetweet] that dynamically adapts to the unique look and feel of any given web page in real time across the Open Web.

Using its proprietary Liquid Layout Technology, Unruly In-Feed enables advertisers to deliver native video ads at scale across the Open Web for the first time. The new format dynamically injects sponsored videos seamlessly into any website’s content stream in a style that matches the site’s layout and design, providing an infinitely flexible, truly native experience for mobile users.

Advertisers are only charged when at least 50% of their ad is in view for 3 continuous seconds, exceeding current IAB guidelines on viewability, which recommend that a video ad is in view for 2 continuous seconds. All ad content is also fully disclosed according to IAB guidelines.

Unruly’s In-Feed format is optimized for mobile delivery and is being launched in response to a growing demand from brands who are using video to reach and engage consumers on their smartphone and tablet devices. A recent BI Intelligence report predicted that smartphones and tablets will account for nearly 70% of all online video ad views by the end of 2016.

adidas is piloting the new In-Feed format for its latest #predatorinstinct campaign.

“There’s a growing expectation that social ads will be delivered as part of the content stream and deeply integrated within the content experience rather than being shoved off in a sidebar or banner,” said Scott Button, Founder and CEO at Unruly. “Facebook premium video ads are set to shake up the video ecosystem and Unruly is now providing advertisers with even more choice, allowing them to launch in-feed video ads across the Open Web, in premium media environments.”

IDG is one of 100+ premium publishers who are already running Unruly’s In-Feed format across their titles, including Macworld.

UK Publishing Director, Simon Jary, said: “Unruly’s native In-Feed format is easy to install and quickly brings in revenue. The content is often engaging, too.  We were impressed with it to the degree that we have now deployed it across all of IDG UK’s consumer sites. We originally only used it to deliver incremental revenue for our mobile inventory, but it has been such a success, we’ve now pushed it across our desktop inventory too.”

“For publishers, this format provides a great option to utilize their mobile ad inventory and ramp up mobile and video revenue. Because the format is dynamically injected into the content feed, there’s zero set-up required from the publisher and we’re providing clear disclosure for consumers,” said Kenneth Suh, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Unruly.

To watch a demo of Unruly In-Feed, click here.

Additional benefits of the In-Feed format include:

  • Any video length – Unlike other offerings,Unruly provides no restrictions on video length – there’s no cap at 15 seconds;
  • Seamless user experience – The videos begin to play silently when they are viewable on the screen. Users tap or click the video to activate a full screen immersive video experience on mobile devices;
  • Programmatic audience targeting – The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s programmatic insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting;
  • Sharing functionality and 3rd party tracking available as standard – click-through URLs also supported on view completion.

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About Unruly

Marketing technology company Unruly is the leading global platform for social video advertising. With 3 out of every 4 video views now taking place outside of YouTube, 83% of Ad Age 100 brands use Unruly’s proprietary technology to reach and engage super-sharers across the Open Web. We’ve delivered 4.69 billion views across 9,200+ campaigns to a global audience of 1.27 billion monthly unique users.Our super power is predicting viral success. Our secret weapon is passionate people on a mission to #DeliverWow.

Founded in 2006, Unruly employs 160 people across 13 offices in 10 countries, with regional HQs in London, New York and Singapore. As well as numerous accolades recognizing our technical innovation and product excellence (Digiday, Sunday Times, Braves),  the company has won ‘Best Companies to Work For’ (Sunday Times), ‘Best Digital Ad Ops Team’ (AOP) and has been named as the UK’s #2 Fastest Growing Tech Company (Deloitte).

Powered by a unique data set comprising 521 billion video views and analyzing 24 million shares per day, Unruly’s technology enables advertisers to algorithmically predict content shareability and programmatically target super-sharers across In-Page, In-Feed and In-Stream ad formats, with guaranteed viewability, shareability and brand safety across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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