Data-driven insight for brands

Using proprietary data on consumer behavior and video sharing trends, we regularly make our research findings public. We enjoy collaborating with leading academics from around the globe including scholars at Harvard Business School, the University of Cambridge, Stanford University and The Centre for Digital Video Intelligence to help advertisers inform their video marketing strategies.

Where The Future Lives

Unruly has partnered with leading industry experts on everything from sleep and interior design to augmented, virtual and mixed reality to show what the home of 2020 will see, hear, smell, taste and feel like.

Home is designed to give marketers a synapse-tingling shot of the future, inspiring them to consider how they could use a new generation of technology to engage consumers in the connected home.

The 2,000 square foot space – based at Unruly’s new London HQ – showcases both actual and conceptual Internet of Things (IoT) devices and connected home technology from News Corp, global consumer and tech brands and some of the hottest start-ups on the planet.

So book now for an eye-popping, jaw-dropping and toe-tickling experience which will give you a taste of the future and plenty of food for thought.

The age of interruption is over

Ad blocking use has reached record highs and the mobile-monetization gap is growing.

We’ve created the UnrulyX Lab to help publishers create killer content (that people want to watch and share) and monetize their site in ways that will help increase reader loyalty.  Unruly will show advertisers how to reach their audiences in ways that won’t alienate them.

The UnrulyX Lab guides publishers and programmatic buyers through a deep-dive on digital video strategy in order to create and launch content that add value, vs. noise, to people’s lives.

The Digital Landscape Is Changing Fast

Video advertising has reached a critical point in its evolution. We’re in a post-viral era, where social media has grown more crowded than ever and consumers are overwhelmed by the flood of digital content in their feeds. Marketers must evolve their advertising if they want to re-connect with their consumers, especially as trust in brands reaches an all time low and ad blocking usage reaches an all time high.

Brands and agencies can book a range of topical and customised sessions to experience the interactive Future Video Lab and benefit from interactive, data-driven intelligence. The Lab is designed to help you future-proof your digital video strategy and create and deliver ads that people want to watch (not skip).

Are you down under? We’ve teamed up with News Australia and Storyful to launch the Future Media Lab.

Get to the heart of what moves people

Unruly Pulse provides insight into the emotional trends of video advertising across sectors, specific brands and major zeitgeist events. Brands and agencies can understand their brand position relative to their category and competitors.  

– Make data-driven decisions to drive purchase intent & brand metrics

– Track how emotions resonate over time

– Find out what motivates viewers to share a piece of content

On all things social video

At Unruly, we like to #ShareTheLove  .  Just for you, we’ve curated a collection of our favorite books and papers discussing digital video, ads and memes. Prepare to have your synapses tickled!

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