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Unruly’s Work On Lexus Campaign Shortlisted For “Best Use of AI”

Follow-up to first-ever car ad written by AI in running for Campaign Tech Award

Unruly’s work on a follow-up campaign by Lexus to the first-ever car ad to be written by AI has been shortlisted for a Campaign Tech award.

Unruly worked with the autos brand on the ground-breaking campaign for its ES model, using data collected from over 15 years of award-winning luxury campaigns to help create the first completely AI-powered autos ad.

To replicate the success of the ES campaign, Lexus approached Unruly again, along with M/Six and Xaxis, to help with the launch of its new campaign to promote the Lexus UX.

To ensure the content resonated strongly with Lexus’ target audiences, Unruly used its pioneering content testing tool UnrulyEQ and front-facing Emotion AI webcams to measure the emotional responses of three different hero ads in the UK, Italy and Germany.

The results were then analysed to see if the content resonated with two target audiences that were built out for Lexus. ‘Urban Explorers’ targeted younger consumers starting out on a new journey with their family and ‘New Horizons’ targeted older consumers at the start of a new journey after their children had moved out.

The facial coding responses were used to identify the most relevant moments of each hero ad. This allowed Unruly to serve a different sequence of vignettes to audiences in each market based on the content testing responses.

In a final step, Unruly used Hofstede’s cultural insights to help inform the distribution strategies for five additional markets around the world.

All the distribution was complemented by Unruly’s KPI optimiser, ensuring the campaign’s performance was driven by a combination of content testing, facial coding and AI optimisation.

Unruly’s work on the campaign has been shortlisted for a Campaign Tech award in the “Best Use of AI” category. The winners will be announced at a digital awards ceremony on June 22.

Lexus Europe’s General Manager, Owen Peacock, said: “Following on from the organic and PR success of our first AI campaign, we were excited and confident we would learn a lot. This time the focus was on how AI could help us evolve and maximise the impact of our most emotionally led car launch in Europe to date.

“The&Partnership’s recommendation to tap into facial coding and machine learning aligned perfectly with our desire to go beyond the AI world we had tapped into for our first campaign – and as a result, we truly delivered a campaign that pushed the boundaries of audience first media planning.

The Campaign Tech Awards celebrate the industry’s most innovative tech-driven work that shows best-in-class creativity or collaboration to deliver effective marketing solutions for brands.

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