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N is for News environments

In this edition of the A-Z of adtech, we examine how premium environments like news sites, boost metrics for video ads.

A recent study by Newsworks and the Association for Online Publishing (AOP) looked at ads in premium environments compared to social media and found some interesting results…


So what does all this mean?

Left brain memory encoding, which processes words and detail, is 42% stronger when people view ads on premium editorial sites than when they see the same ads on social media sites.

Right brain memory encoding (higher emotional intensity) is strong for both premium sites and social media, but ads on premium sites still generate a 9% stronger response.

Ads on premium sites are viewed for an average of 17% longer compared to ads on social media.

The study found that ads on premium sites created 29% higher engagement (personal relevance) compared to ads on non-premium sites.

Ads seen within a premium context also elicit stronger, more positive emotional responses, and ads that evoke an above average emotion score deliver a 23% uplift in sales volume.

Check out the full report.

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