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Celebrating equality, diversity and inspiration

To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked some of our inspirational Unrulies from around the world to give us their thoughts on equality, diversity and inspirational role models…


Olivia Goodman, Global SVP People Team

I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with so many inspiring women in my career – the majority of my managers have really talented women and they have always encouraged and believed in me, something which I will forever be grateful for!

Sarah IWD

Sarah Young, Software Developer

The fight for gender equality isn’t just about the women of today, it’s about creating a more equitable future for the generations to come.

Haifaa IWD

Haifaa Daw, VP Business Development, APAC

A modern progressive world requires equality. It’s not just about the attributes you have, it’s about who you are at your core and what you can bring to the table from there.

Erin IWD

Erin McGowan, Graphic Designer

With the current tumultuous political climate the US is in, it makes me want to fight even more for what I consider basic rights for people, not just women.

Louise IWD

Louise Tullin, Chief Marketing Officer

The best thing about being a woman at Unruly is that you can drive your own destiny!

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