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News You Can Use: Ad Week Europe Takes Over London; Cambridge Analytica Takes Over Headlines

Each and every week Unruly scours the web for the latest news, developments and research from across the media and advertising industries.

While the ad industry flocked to London for Advertising Week Europe, the topic on everyone’s lips was the emerging Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica story.

Elsewhere, German media groups teamed up to present a unified digital ID solution ahead of GDPR, and we also announced our new programmatic series of events – Unruly Trust Talks.



5. Facebook responds to Cambridge Analytica scandal

A little over a week has passed since the Observer published its story on Cambridge Analytica – and little else has been discussed since. The story has been the talk of the week, covered by national and trade media alike. However, one person not talking about it (at least at the start) was one of names at the centre of the story – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

After not saying anything in the first few days, Zuck finally spoke to the press, doing a number of interviews with various outlets, discussing the mistakes Facebook has made and what they would be doing to protect user privacy and data moving forward.


4. German media owners come together around digital ID management

With GDPR on the horizon, many people are considering what unified digital ID processes and systems might look like, and whether they will be a suitable antidote to the increased complexity of a cookie-less world.

In order to answer these questions, German media groups RTL Germany, ProSiebenSat1 and United Internet have partnered to establish the European netID Foundation. The initiative intends to provide guidance for companies preparing for new privacy regulations and introduce a secure, GDPR-compliant login for users.


3. Advertising Week Europe comes to London

This week the ad industry descended on Picturehouse Central in London for Advertising Week Europe. As always, the conference was jam packed with panels, keynotes, parties and even karaoke (thanks to The Drum) – with the hottest topics definitely being data, GDPR, the duopoly and, of course, Cambridge Analytica.


2. Marketers believe they’re wasting up to 25% of budgets

A recent study from Rakuten has revealed marketers believe they’re wasting up to 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies.

The survey, which quizzed 1,000 marketers worldwide, also revealed that about half of respondents said they misspend at least 20% of their budgets. Even more surprisingly, 2.9% believe they waste more than 80% of their marketing dollars.


1. Unruly announces Trust Talks: The Great Programmatic Event

On April 24, we’re bringing together the sharpest minds in Adland to discuss some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that are shaping the programmatic ecosystem.

The Great Programmatic Debate, which will be hosted at The Hospital Club – will feature voices from all corners of the ad industry – including leaders from The Economist, the Guardian, Accenture, Carat and Mindshare – debating best practices for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of M&A, privacy legislation and digital ID management.

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