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News You Can Use: 78% of Digital Video Viewers Are Watching On Mobile

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This week we took a deep dive into the effectiveness of the Super Bowl 2018 ads using our emotional testing tool UnrulyEQ and revealed the real winners and losers of the big game!

In this week’s round-up we also have two reports released by eMarketer, the first exploring global trends in digital video viewing, and the second recapping the state of brand safety as we continue into 2018.



1. Toyota Tops Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart

Toyota “Good Odds” is the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl. The autos brand’s ad topped our Super Bowl 2018 Ad Effectiveness Chart, which ranks ads based on their EQ scores – a combined metric that scores ads on their likely emotional, social and business impact.

Toyota took advantage of the back-to-back sporting events by promoting its Olympics campaign with a spot featuring 8x Paralympic Gold medallist Lauren Woolstencroft during the Big Game. The video elicited strong feelings of inspiration, amazement, warmth and happiness and scored high on brand metrics, including a brand recall of 70%.


2. Digital Video Consumption Continues To Boom – Boosted By Mobile

Digital video is set to reach even greater heights in 2018, according to the latest global research from eMarketer.

The report estimates 65.1% of internet users worldwide will be watching digital video by the end of 2018, with that figure climbing to 67.5% by 2021.

The bulk of this growth seems to be driven by the continuing dominance of mobile devices and internet, with 1.8 bn people expected to watch digital video via mobile phone at least once per month in 2018.

The figure represents 78.4% of digital video viewers worldwide, more than double the penetration registered in 2012, with the highest penetration in APAC – where 81% of video viewers use their phones to watch videos.


3. 60% Of CMOs Increase Spending On Brand Safe Channels

Brand safety took over the digital advertising conversation in 2017, with major concerns around UGC content and measurement – and the topic doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

This week a major report from eMarketer collected a wealth of research from across the industry and gave a clear picture of the brand safety landscape as it stands today. The report highlighted that 54% of digital ad buying decision makers said brand safety and premium content were a problem, while 52% were worried about unsafe environments due to ‘damage to [their] brand and its reputation’.

Half of US advertisers also said they were increasingly targeting ads based on context, as well as audience, and more than 80% said that ‘brand equity’ and ‘audience quality’ were improved by advertising in these brand-safe environments.