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Toyota “Good Odds” Tops Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart

Toyota “Good Odds” is the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl, according to new data released from Unruly.

The auto company’s Big Game ad tops the Super Bowl 2018 Edition of Unruly’s Ad Effectiveness Chart, which ranks ads based on their EQ scores – a combined metric that scores ads on their likely emotional, social and business impact.

Toyota took advantage of the back-to-back sporting events by promoting its Olympics campaign with a spot featuring 8x Paralympic Gold Medalist Lauren Woolstencroft during the Big Game. The video elicited strong feelings of inspiration, amazement, warmth and happiness and scored high on brand metrics, including 82% on both credibility and authenticity, plus a brand recall of 70%.




In second place was Budweiser with its “Stand By You” ad, which had an EQ score of 5.8. The beer company, long known for its Clydesdales and puppy Big Game advertising, went with a different approach this year.

The one-minute spot highlights its factory workers who have helped to provide more than 79 million cans of water to areas affected by natural disasters in the US, including Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California.

At third place, with an EQ score of 5.7, was a collaboration between PepsiCo-owned brands Doritos and Mountain Dew in its celebrity-filled ads featuring Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

Unruly’s US President Steven Sottile said: “Coming off the back of a politically charged year, 2017 Super Bowl ads reflected that with many brands taking a stance on topics from immigration to diversity. This year was the return to entertainment, with brands hitting on humor, warmth and happiness.

“Toyota saw Big Game success by aligning themselves with a cause and being one of the only brands to capitalize on the upcoming Olympics. Its inspirational spot connected with viewers and had one of the highest scores for authenticity.”

Overall, brand metrics were higher on average this year compared to last year. Brand recall was up, with 76% of viewers citing correct brand recall, compared to 64% last year. In addition, viewers overall found the ads authentic (77%), credible (77%) and relatable (67%).


Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness Chart

1. Toyota: Good Odds – 6.1

2. Budweiser: Stand By You – 5.8

3. DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE | Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman – 5.7

4. Jeep – Jeep Jurassic – 5.2

5. Pepsi Generations “This is the Pepsi” – 4.8

7. (tie)NFL: Touchdown Celebrations To Come – 4.6

7. (tie)Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice – 4.6

8. Tourism Australia: Dundee – 4.5

9. Tide: It’s a Tide Ad – 4.4

10. Michelob Ultra: I Like Beer – 4

11. Kia: Feel Something again – 3.9

12. Bud Light: The Bud Knight – 3.8


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