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News You Can Use: IAB Tech Lab Announces The End Of VPAID

Each and every week Unruly scours the web, Twitter feeds and events for the biggest stories from around the ad industry – so you can catch up on anything you missed before the weekend.

This week we’ve dug up research from iotec on marketers’ biggest fears, plus a study from Adobe and Goldsmiths University which reveals a worrying trend about perceptions of customer data and privacy.

Elsewhere, the IAB Tech Lab made headlines with the news that it would be sun-setting video player ad-serving interface definition (VPAID) in favour of two entirely new specifications.

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5. Fraud is the biggest thing scaring UK marketers

iotec’s latest Mobile Transparency Report found that ad fraud is currently the biggest concern for marketers in the UK. In a survey of 500 UK-based marketers, 49.6% identified ad fraud as the leading concern, while 50% are “very concerned” and 41% “somewhat concerned” about fraudulent advertising. Ad viewability is the main concern for 28.7% of marketers.


4. CTR spikes just one week before Christmas

As advertisers gear up for the busiest time of the year, we’ve been busy digging into the data and have compiled our Q4 Buying Trends & Strategies Report.

Our new insights take a look at the key trends that arise at the end of the year and identifies what advertisers can do to increase the success of their digital video campaigns.


3. Xmas ads are 51% more likely to elicit an intense emotional reaction 

Unruly has not only been delivering awesome Xmas campaignssince 2006, but has also analysed the most important content and distribution trends of the last decade. So we have all the data and insight you need to turn your campaign into a Christmas cracker. And we have put it all into a handy insight paper, which you can download here.

It includes loads of insights and tips on how to create and launch successful Christmas campaigns.


2. Half of marketing leaders don’t know how customers feel about data

Research released this week from Adobe and Goldsmiths has shown that three-quarters (75%) of marketing leaders admit they don’t understand changing consumer behaviour.

The survey also revealed that more than half (56%) of these leaders say they don’t know how customers feel about the way the company uses their data – while 76% of consumers want more transparency on how their data is being used.


1. IAB Tech Lab announces VPAID-i

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab revealed Thursday that video player ad-serving interface definition (VPAID) standard will be sun-setted and replaced with two separate specs in the next few months.

The IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement standard will replace VPAID’s verification component and VPAID-i, a new set of “interactive” specs for video ads, will give publishers more control over interactive ads served in mobile and OTT environments.