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Sharing The Love At Official Launch Of Unruly ShareRank Australia

It was standing room only at the official launch of Unruly ShareRank Australia last week.

Around 120 representatives from brands, trade magazines and media/ creative agencies packed into the fourth floor of the Sydney CBD Hotel last Friday to hear more about the new tool, which helps advertisers in Australia predict the virality of their video ads ahead of launch.

Unruly’s Insight Director Ian Forrester gave guests a deeper dive into how Unruly ShareRank – trained using more than 395,000 viewer reactions to videos and sharing data relating to 2 trillion video views – can benefit both brands and agencies.

These included improving the shareability of brands’ existing content to drive online conversation & advocacy and helping brands and agencies plan more effective distribution strategies to maximise sharing.

Australian academic Dr Karen Nelson-Field, who now heads up the new Centre for Digital Video Intelligence at the University of South Australia, also busted a few myths around social video advertising, including the suggestion that – contrary to popular belief – “distribution is king and content is queen”.



As reported in AdNews, Dr Nelson-Field said: “The distribution element has a much bigger role to play in how far it [an online video] goes. It’s quite simple: If you start with a small viewing base, it will also decay small. So if you’ve got 100 people and it’s 24-to-one, your burnout is going to happen fairly quickly, but if you start with a thousand people, even if the ratio is the same, you’ll still gain more shares.”

Unruly’s Australian and New Zealand MD Lance Traore and a panel consisting of Christie Poulos, from King Content, MediaCom’s Tom Robinson, Dr Nelson-Field, Will Brockbank, from the Kellogg Company, and Bupa’s Karen Davies also discussed some of the challenges facing marketers in the online video space.