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Unruly Announces 2nd Annual Video Sharing Awards #VSAs

The #VSAs Give Top Honors to Activia, Samsung and Budweiser

The Internet has spoken!  This year advertisers have delivered shareable ads that made us scream, cry, dance and sing (some all at the same time).

But which brands and campaigns were a cut above? Well, in its 2nd annual Unruly Video Sharing Awards (#VSAs) this week, Unruly honored the social video stars of 2014.

Powered by the Unruly Viral Video Chart, the awards are picked by the people, based on the sharing data aggregated from across the social web.

Or more simply, the brands and videos that were the most shared across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

Activia’s collaboration with Shakira La La La ft. Carlinhos Brown stole the show in 2014. It took home the top honors, securing both the #1 Video of the Year and #1 Brand of the Year. It also won the award for the Most Shared Food & Beverage Brand, Most Shared Trackvertisement and Most Shared Celebrity Ad.

Samsung also received top honors and took home the Golden Cat as the Most Shared Tech Brand. The company was also the second most shared brand of the year, only second to Activia. Thanks largely to the success from its highly shareable Super Bowl ads, Budweiser won the Most Shared Alcohol Brand, and was the sixth most shared brand overall.

The VSAs also recognized the most shared music video, movie studio, Halloween ad, movie trailer, plus a breakdown of top-performing brands by product category.

The #VSAs bestowed this top honor for the brands and agencies who created the most chart-topping content! Didn’t catch the awards show live? Don’t fret. You can download a list of the nominees and winners here. Congrats to all the winners and finalists!

And the Golden Cat goes to…