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Adam Levine Gets The Runaround And The World Goes Quakers: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

A bus gets a knitted jumper, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine gets the run-around and the world goes quackers for ducks. Yep, it’s just another week in AdLand!

So which ads have caught fire on the web over the last seven days? Here are our five picks.



5. Animals Australia: People Being Awesome

With everyone and their Tumblr-happy mums predicting what viral video is next going to hit big, it can feel like social media prognostication has taken the mystery out of the internet. That is, until a spot like Animals Australias People Being Awesome comes along and racks up over 2 million shares in a week.

So whats behind the secret behind the surprise blockbuster? Firstly, a good cause (albeit with a political edge). Produced in tandem with saveourducks.com (thats Save Our, not Savour, crucially), the spot features good Samaritans helping out our fine-feathered friends in myriad ways. Secondly, who can resist a vague yet winning title like People Being Awesome?

But the real story seems to lie in Facebooks encroachment over the social video landscape. The fact that a Facebook-embedded can clip can explode so enthusiastically bodes well for continental shifts approaching in the world of video marketing.


4. Airbnb: Welcome To Airbnb

Following up its dazzling Wall and Chain, Airbnb is fast gaining a reputation for some of the most original, visually striking adverts around. Their latest, Welcome to Airbnb, is no exception, suffusing the joy of travel into a playful, pop-up book universe.

Setting a camera on a model railway, the spot sends the viewer through a changing world. From tropical terraces to Tokyo high-rises, its a feast for the eyes that tidily sums up the brands horizon-expanding intentions. At only a minute long, its a spot thatll either make you want to travel the world for a year or pick up a model train set. Both are equally fulfilling, Id imagine.


3. Wheyhey: Wheyhey Sends A Mo To Space!

If you thought that sending kitsch items into space had peaked with this little treat, then think again. Now, protein-packed ice cream brand Wheyhey is on a mission to make space a little more distinguished with the help of a lip-hugging flavour saver.

The brand had already supported Movember with a sponsored ice cream flavour, but decided to take its commitment to new heights. The lower atmosphere, to be specific. Securing their ice cream alongside a novelty moustache, the unlikely pair begin an epic journey toward the stars. Its not exactly Interstellar, but its a start.


2. 7up: Knitted Bus

While youve been working tirelessly on knitting that one woolly hat your whole life, Magda Sayeg has been very busy indeed. In 7ups latest spot, the world famous yarn bomber arrives in the UK to bring her inimitably fluffy style to a London icon: the double-decker bus.

While the classic Routemaster is already a sweet evocation of old England, covering the whole machine in knitwear boosts the grandparent vibes considerably. Parading their creation around the city, Sayeg and her woolly helpers only need to sit back and watch as bemused tourists take their cameras out.

My only question now is, what happens to our poor knitted bus when it rains? Look forward to 7ups next video, in which they cover the Routemaster in a massive pair of wellies.


1.    Nissan: The Voice


Everyone likes singing on a road trip, but Maroon 5s Adam Levine likes it just that little bit more. Dared by Nissan to attempt singing the bands new single while being busting around corners in Nissans new GT-R, theres a lot at stake. Can Levine keep his composure? Will he effectively plug the single? Isnt this distracting the driver? All will be answered in time.

A gift from heaven for fans of both falsetto pop rock and muscle cars, the spots 115,000 shares have made it another winner for upstart format Facebook Video. And if you thought that Adam Levines voice couldnt get any higher than Moves Like Jagger, then think again.




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