Unruly’s Senior Insight Manager Joins IAB UK Research Morning Line-up

Unruly’s Senior Insight Manager Alex Maguire will be sharing findings from new research on applying the peak-end rule to advertising at this month’s Research Morning Webinar, hosted by the IAB UK on July 14, 9:30 am BST.

In 2020 there are more ways than ever to distribute and create video content and brands continue to take advantage of the evolving medium to enhance their storytelling capabilities and build an audience. However, there is an issue here. Advertisers are spending a lot of time and money on creating high-quality video content for an audience who are more likely to forget ever watching that content than they are to correctly recall the specific brand on display.

So, how exactly do you create a memorable video without including a gorilla playing Phil Collins on the drums? Alex will be delving into new research from Unruly and Affectiva which suggests that advertisers can better equip their ads for memory by leveraging a mental short-cut known as the peak-end rule.

The IAB UK’s Research Mornings showcase some of the industry’s most illuminating research covering a variety of topics within digital advertising.

Alex will be speaking alongside experts from UKOM, Amobee, GumGum, Lumen and Kantar.

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the morning.

For a sneak preview of what Alex will be sharing check out his virtual presentation outlining how the research was carried out.