Unruly’s Global VP Insights To Speak On ‘Working Towards Equality In An Unprecedented Time’ IAB Webinar

Unruly’s Global VP Insights Rebecca Waring will be speaking on the IAB UK’s ‘Working Towards Equality In An Unprecedented Time’ webinar on Wednesday, June 17 at 9:30 am.

The webinar will focus on some of the social inequality issues highlighted during the COVID outbreak, how we can manage them inclusively, and then plan for a better future.

Rebecca will be exploring the way gender and gender roles are represented in online advertising.

To understand the intricacies behind getting gender portrayal right, Rebecca will be sharing findings from Unruly’s recent research which looked at responses from more than 1,200 women from around the world and identified three key areas that are the driving forces of frustration for women around the world — body types, roles in the workplace and ethnic diversity.

Rebecca will be speaking alongside representatives from Facebook, Media Trust, m/Six, Havas and Creative Equals.

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