Unruly Named As Number One SSP For Direct Publisher Integration

Independent programmatic consultancy Jounce Media has named Unruly as the number one SSP in the world for direct-to-publisher integrations based on a study of more than 100,000 ads.txt files and over 150 sellers.json files

Scale of direct integrations

Direct integrations with publishers allow SSPs to break free from the constraints of reselling ads and deliver high-quality ad experiences. Jounce Media analysed the percentage of direct supply paths across 25 global exchanges and found that Unruly has the highest proportion, globally, see below.

The dark blue bars represent the portion of each exchange’s publishers that are exclusively integrated via direct supply paths. The light blue bars represent the portion of each exchange’s publishers for which the exchange has at least 1 direct integration and at least 1 reselling integration. And the grey bars represent the portion of each exchange’s publishers that are exclusively integrated via reselling.

Benefits of direct supply paths

Advertisers, publishers, and consumers all benefit from direct exchange-publisher integrations, and ultimately these relationships create a better online advertising ecosystem. 

Unruly has unique access to over 50 iconic, diverse News Corp titles and exclusive relationships with premium titles, including F1 and The Telegraph. We also have more than 2,000 TAG integrations with publishers. As a result, more than eight in every 10 (82%) impressions delivered by UnrulyX appears on Comscore’s top 1000 sites.

Why is this important?

The explosion of programmatic audience-based targeting meant that contextual targeting took somewhat of a back seat over the past five years – until GDPR came into effect, browsers clamped down on the use of third-party cookies, and initiatives like ads.txt and ads.cert became mainstream.

As advertisers shift budgets into contextual targeting the quality and performance of the inventory available has been under increased scrutiny. Furthermore, the practices adopted by the buy-side to find premium audiences are being challenged. Independent studies like Jounce Media’s help drive the industry towards a safer, cleaner world.

Publishers’ websites frame the conversation between consumers and brands and premium media has the power to drive significant uplifts across the metrics that matter to advertisers most.

According to the IPA Databank study, campaigns using news brands are 

  • 43% more likely to deliver market share growth
  • More than twice as likely to deliver a reduction in price sensitivity
  • Are more than twice as likely to deliver an increase in customer loyalty
  • Are 36% more likely to deliver profit
  • Are 85% more likely to drive customer acquisition

Unruly has believed in the principle of supply-path optimization for years, and Jounce’s study is a massive validation of our efforts to seamlessly bridge the gap between marketers and media owners.

Buyers and DSPs alike will benefit from this directness in both cost-effectiveness and a more efficient programmatic execution, while publishers will end up with more revenue in their pockets.

Unlike many other players in the industry, we’re looking forward to SPO practices gaining adoption!

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