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Spikes Asia: The Evolution of Data Driven Storytelling

Unruly and Brave Bison to run a joint workshop at Spikes Asia 2019, happening at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

A jointly presented session from Unruly, the global video marketplace and Brave Bison, the social video studio, this workshop will demonstrate through a highly interactive and intuitive case study, the competitive advantage of multi-faceted data insights when developing a creative campaign that needs to deliver across multiple markets with many cultural complexities.

The workshop will take the audience through each stage of the process for social video success with live audience surveys, with resulting insights which you will use to understand how a piece of creative can be intelligently edited to ensure it lands perfectly with the intended audience.

Media agencies, creatives, and brands. Let us WOW you with a session that you’ve not had before and leave with an experience you will never forget. A full disclosure into how our unique partnership has been helping brands win customers in the very unforgiving and competitive social video advertising market.

Questions this session intends to answer:
– How we accurately test creative and apply these techniques to aid creative production, why it is so unique and why you should be using Unruly & Brave Bison.
– How it’s not wise to create content without accurate insights and testing as it can lead to costly mistakes and potential damage to brands
– How great data can inform creative teams without it affecting the quality of their work.
– How great data can help creative teams deliver even better outcomes than they could ever before

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 25 September, 11:30-13:00 in the Makers Lab.

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