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Unruly shortlisted for 2 awards at the Real IT Awards

We are excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for two awards at the Real IT Awards 2019!

The first award we’ve been shortlisted for is Product Team of the Year.

Over the past twelve months, the Product Team have supported Unruly’s goal to be the video marketplace advertisers and publishers can trust. They have been instrumental in helping Unruly build solutions that enable advertisers to deliver ads via the mechanism they want, in premium environments that achieve their goals, whilst helping publishers to grow their digital revenues while respecting their users and data.

We’re honoured to have been shortlisted for Product Team of the Year. Everyone within the team has contributed towards the success we’ve seen over the past twelve months in helping deliver value to our clients, whilst remaining transparent and brand safe. – Lewis Tong, Product Director

I’m extremely proud of our team, but not surprised that we’ve been nominated as the team are a huge asset to Unruly. We’ve not only worked towards and smashed some huge goals over the past year to develop our product offering but done it in record time, often delivering results weeks before our deadlines. We’ve pulled together to focus on what can take us forward and give us an advantage as a company, all the while being Agile and keeping Unruly an incredibly fun and exciting place to work. – Jade Vincent, Product Director

The second award we’ve been shortlisted for is the Best Place to Work award!

At Unruly We pride ourselves on having a unique, nurturing and inclusive company culture that celebrates both personal and professional growth across all our global offices.

Our culture, built from the combined experience and personality of every single member of the team, is defined by three key values: Deliver Wow, Inspire Change, and Share the Love.

Being shortlisted for Best Place to Work is an amazing achievement and one that everyone at Unruly plays a part in. I’m so proud of this company and everyone that works for it. We’ve grown immensely over the past twelve months, and managed to maintain the unique culture and spark that was instilled in the brand from the very beginning by our amazing co-founders. – Rachel Exley, Senior People Team Advisor

Congratulations to all the other teams and organisations that have been shortlisted, we look forward to seeing you at the awards!

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