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Python Data Science Essentials republished

Continuing the tradition of Unrulies writing books, Unruly Data Scientist Alberto Boschetti has recently re-published his 2015 book Python Data Science Essentials.

This practitioner’s guide covering essential data science principles, tools and techniques, written by Boschetti and his co-writer Luca Massaron has just seen its third edition hit the shelves.

Perfect for data scientists, data analysts or anyone who wants to grasp what data science is, the book provides practical examples to help readers succeed in data science operations.

It also covers detailed examples and large hybrid datasets to help you grasp essential statistical techniques for data collection, data munging and analysis, visualisation and reporting activities.

Readers will also gain an understanding of advanced data science topics such as machine learning algorithms, distributed computing, tuning predictive models, and natural language processing.

Talking about the book, Boschetti commented, “Python is one of the most used languages for data scientists. By the end of the book people will have a complete overview of the principle machine learning algorithms, graph analysis techniques and all the visualisation deployment instruments that make it easier to present your results to an audience of data science experts and business users.”

“I wrote this book because Luca and I love data science and Python. I wasn’t happy with the books I found so I decided to start this process with my friend Luca. That was four years ago, and it’s great to see our book reach its third edition!”

Other available titles by Boschetti include: TensorFlow Deep Learning Projects and Large Scale Machine Learning with Python.

Python Data Science Essentials is available to buy now.