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Unruly secures VICE Media partnership

Unruly has announced a new partnership with VICE Media that will name the adtech company as the supplier of the 100% viewable video ad format known as UNmissable across the publisher’s German language sites.

A recent representative research from Unruly, in cooperation with NORDAKADEMIE, about user journeys, shows where online video ads have the most impact on consumers’ behaviour and which video length works best for which sales funnel stage. The empirical survey was based on a sample of more of 1,000 people from the UK, Germany, APAC and the US. The results demonstrate that especially customers with an affinity for brands prefer online video advertising to support their final purchase decision.

This is exactly where Unruly’s recently released UNmissable video ad takes place: at the very end of the funnel, where it just needs a very short video length to trigger the final stage “Intent to purchase”.

The UNmissable format is designed to be fully viewable with 100% of the ad’s pixels in view for the duration of the video. Compatible on both mobile and desktop, the format helps advertisers reach and engage their audiences across Unruly’s trusted premium network in an effective and engaging manner. The format fully complies with the Coalition of Better Ads and scores well against the IAB’s LEAN​framework.

Through the partnership with VICE Media, the UNmissable format can be delivered on VICE and its verticals and blogs like Dressed like Machines, Schlecky Silberstein and notesofberlin, managed as well as programmatically in a brand-safe manner via PMP through Unruly’s data-powered video marketplace, UnrulyX.

A GroupM / Newsworks study, published in July 2018, shows that the delivery of campaigns in premium environments is 42 percent more cost-efficient for advertisers. Average uplifts of +10.5 percent for brand awareness, +19.2 percent for ad recall, +9.7 percent for brand perception and +10.3 percent for recommendation intent are achieved.

“We are very proud to welcome VICE as the latest member of the Unruly family of premium media brands. We understand the challenges publishers and advertisers are facing when it comes to addressing the different sales funnel stages, which led to the invention of groundbreaking formats such as UNmissable. Today, big budgets go into the short video length Youtube bumper ads, as well as into Facebook, where autostart and sound off is well accepted for this purpose”, says Christoph Thielecke, Managing Director, Unruly Germany.

Thielecke continues: “With UNmissable, Unruly and VICE offer an option to extend those campaigns outside of Google and Facebook into a very valuable audience. Fuelling the last stage of the sales funnel.”

Unruly also uses its Header Bidding solution optionally for publisher collaborations to provide the best user experience while maximizing revenue potential.