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Unruly Launches First-Party Data Segments To Help Advertisers Engage Australian Home Movers

  • Video ad tech company launches targeting segments to help brands and agencies identify and reach home movers and property improvers in Australia at scale
  • Sought-after mover audience spends up to $30,000 AUD before, during and after a move and are 99% more receptive to emotional advertising
  • Each year 2.5 million Australians change address – impacting 16% of households

SYDNEY, MELBOURNE – September 26, 2017 – Advertisers can now reach Australian home movers at scale using high quality, first-party audience data and new targeting solutions launched today by ad tech company Unruly.

Using its unique emotional data set, proprietary panel data and Australian publisher partner data, Unruly helps brands and agencies identify and engage with people in the process of moving home – a large and valuable audience segment found by studies to be significantly more receptive to advertising than the average Australian consumer and more likely to buy new products and switch brands.

Each year over 2.5 million Australians change address – impacting 16% of households. The average Aussie homeowner spends over $30k on goods and services before, during and after a move, while the average home renter spends $10k (source: Acxiom). For example, Australian home movers are almost twice as likely to purchase major household items such as white goods, while 68% of Australian home movers will purchase new home furnishings during a move (source: REA Group).

Home movers are also up to 99% more likely to have an emotional reaction to watching video advertising (source: Unruly Home Movers Survey).

To help advertisers target these receptive and aspirational audiences, Unruly has utilised a range of premium publisher data alongside intent signals and reported behaviour from Unruly’s own proprietary panels. This yields high quality data that can be further scaled through the use of machine learning models, thereby enabling advertisers to reach home movers in Australia at scale across the open web.

Advertisers can also target people renovating their properties. Specific audiences include: First Time Buyers, Home Improvers, Home buyers, Home builders, Renters and Recent Movers.

Unruly’s APAC Chief Commercial Officer, Phil Townend said: “Moving house is a pivotal moment in our lives when we make some of our biggest purchasing decisions – from buying furniture and white goods to changing energy suppliers and upgrading our cars. By using Unruly’s new audience segments to reach people at this critical stage in their lives, advertisers can massively increase targeting efficiency and boost their market share.”

Advertisers can also use Unruly’s proprietary content testing tool, Unruly EQTM, to create content that is more likely to resonate with home mover and improvers. According to Unruly’s Home Mover Study, for example:

  • People in the process of finding a new home were more likely to feel inspired (+50%), exhilarated (+96%) and proud (+69%) when watching ads;
  • Those making home improvements were most likely to feel inspired (+49%), proud (+65%) and happy (+33%) when watching ads.

Find out more information about Unruly’s first party data segments.

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