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AppNexus And Unruly Launch First Open-Source Prebid Solutions For Outstream Video

Solutions are built to support prebid.js, the industry’s most widely-adopted, open source header bidding wrapper

New York, June 8, 2017 – Video ad tech company Unruly and AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced mutual support globally of the industry’s first open-source header bidding solution for outstream video, through the open-source library and community, prebid.js. This enables all publishers to auction outstream video inventory with customization and control across desktop and mobile and optimize revenue through direct transactions with premium demand partners in a fair and transparent auction.

As digital video advertising becomes more popular with advertisers, the supply of quality programmatic instream inventory has become constrained. As a result, publishers are increasingly turning to outstream video as a high impact monetization alternative, providing a new and abundant supply of video inventory to advertisers. This enables all types of publishers, including those that do not produce their own video content, to command higher CPMs while giving marketers more opportunities to reach their audiences through engaging video creatives.

“By combining the transparency of header bidding with user-friendly formats like outstream, publishers are able to tackle some of their biggest challenges head on. With the launch of the first open-source header bidding solution for outstream, publishers should feel confident that they’re providing the best user experience while maximizing their revenue potential,” said Unruly’s EVP, Global Business Development, Kenneth Suh.

“Header bidding for outstream inventory is good for the video ecosystem,” said Eric Hoffert, SVP Video Technology, AppNexus. “It drives the video liquidity marketers need, empowers publishers of all kinds with full visibility and control over the video monetization of their inventory, and offers an engaging, user friendly experience. This results in a virtuous cycle that powers a vibrant open video internet.”

Unruly’s user-friendly outstream formats can be run on any publishing platform, including those that do not produce their own video content. Its viewability-initiated players can run on desktop, mobile vertical video and in 360 and puts the user in control for an overall better viewing experience. AppNexus outstream formats, designed for low latency, high impact desktop and mobile delivery, support HTML5 and VPAID 2.0, with more than 30 publisher attributes to allow optimal customization for every client. Unruly and AppNexus units can be used together in real time auctions to maximize revenue and opportunity for publishers.

Prebid.js now makes it possible to traffic outstream video using “renderers.” A renderer is client-side code (a combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS) responsible for displaying a creative on a page. A renderer for outstream ads provides a player environment capable of playing a video creative (most commonly, a VAST XML document) with ability to support volume, pause, and play controls for the user, fullscreen, skippability controls, vendor-specific text, color schemes or logos, expansion/collapse player actions, and more. Demand partners develop their own renderers with the prebid framework, allowing video to be delivered to display slots.

Prebid.js provides the industry’s most widely adopted open source prebid solution for display and video formats. Unlike other video header bidding solutions in the market, Prebid Video is open source and designed to support multiple video players, multiple video ad servers, and multiple demand sources. The technology is specifically designed to fight latency and enhance the user experience, by running transparent auctions asynchronously on page load, so that video demand can be ready by the time an outstream video player comes into view. Prebid.js is compatible with both instream and outstream video formats for a holistic video header bidding solution.

Both Unruly and AppNexus’ adapters are now available in beta on prebid.org. Additional video demand adapters are expected to become available in the second half of the year.


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