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Unruly Launches Emotional PMPs To Help German Advertisers Connect With Programmatic Audiences

  • Unruly launches Emotional PMPs allowing marketers to programmatically target premium publishers most likely to amplify emotional responses to ads

HAMBURG – May 24, 2017 – Video ad tech company Unruly today launches a series of new private marketplaces (PMPs) which allow German traders to target media environments that complement the emotional footprint of their ads.

Using the viewable video SSP UnrulyX, Unruly’s new Emotional PMPs allow advertisers to place their content in premium environments which amplify the prominent emotions of the creative.

Using data from its content testing tool Unruly EQ and working alongside university academics, Unruly has curated groups of sites that exceed the benchmark for specific emotional or cognitive responses. For example, a travel brand that wants their ad to inspire audiences could select Unruly’s Inspiration PMP.

By targeting consumers within environments where they are most likely to emotionally connect with a specific ad, brands will be able to further boost the ROI of their ad campaigns.

Unruly has found that campaigns targeting people most likely to engage emotionally with specific video creatives result in a 74% increase in brand favorability and an 80% increase in purchase intent. A recent Emotional PMP campaign run for an Entertainment brand exceeded completion rate benchmarks by 168%, and MOAT’s viewability benchmark by 32%.

There are currently 12 different PMPs available, based on an academic study of characteristics that examined Unruly EQ data to find the emotional and cognitive responses most likely to drive video engagement. These include Happiness, Exhilaration, Amazement, Inspiration, Nostalgia and Hilarity.

Advertisers can distribute their ads across the premium sites contained within these PMPs using Unruly’s range of viewability-initiated formats, including the outstream In-Article player – which can accommodate both horizontal and vertical video.

Unruly’s Managing Director, Germany and the Netherlands, Christoph Thielecke, said: “By first launching Unruly EQ and UCA for testing content and now Emotional PMPs for distribution, Unruly brings end-to-end emotional intelligence to digital advertising.

“Programmatic advertising needs to evolve if brands want to make a meaningful connection with consumers – that’s why emotional intelligence is just as important for distribution as it is for content creation. With Emotional PMPs, advertisers can get in sync in with the mood of their viewers and massively increase viewer engagement.”

Academic and industry studies have repeatedly proven the effects of emotional advertising on brand and business metrics. According to a recent Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study, ads with above average EEG scores (emotional ads) deliver a 23% uplift in sales volume, while the Field, IPA and Gunn Report, “Selling Creativity Short”, stated that awarded campaigns (emotional campaigns) were 10X more efficient than non-awarded campaigns.

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Unruly’s Emotional PMPs were created by first identifying the 12 top emotional and cognitive responses most likely to drive video engagement using Unruly’s content testing tool, Unruly EQ. These are: Happiness, Exhilaration, Amazement, Inspiration, Hilarity, Sadness, Warmth, Pride, Nostalgia, Surprise, Knowledge and Shock.

Working with academics from Kent State University’s College of Business Administration, pairs of trained coders then coded up UnrulyX sites, allocating each individual site an intensity scale for each of the 12 emotional and cognitive responses.

The PMPs were then developed using only those sites, of the more than 100 German publishers available, that met the highest level of emotional/cognitive intensity.

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