Unruly / s7 airlines / Budweiser’s “#BornTheHardWay” Tops List Of Most Shared Super Bowl Ads Of 2017

Budweiser’s “#BornTheHardWay” Tops List Of Most Shared Super Bowl Ads Of 2017

  • Fourth Time Beer Brand Has Topped Super Bowl Chart In Five Years, But Online Shares Down By Half From Previous Year

NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY, SINGAPORE – February 6, 2017 – Budweiser’s “#BornTheHardWay” is the most shared ad of the 2017 Super Bowl, according to data released today by video ad tech company Unruly.

The beer brand’s 60-second commercial, which tells the story of its founder Adolphus Busch’s harrowing journey from Germany to America and his fateful meeting with fellow immigrant Eberhard Anheuser, has attracted a total of 435,892 shares across social media, ahead of Mr Clean’s second-placed “Cleaner of Your Dreams” (226,767).

It’s the fourth time Budweiser’s has topped the list of the most shared Super Bowl ads in the past five years.

However, despite a number of brands releasing their ads early online, this year has seen a significant decrease in sharing activity from the previous year. The top 10 ads have so far generated 1,456,023 shares online altogether – half of what the top 10 managed at the same time last year (2,889,156), and way behind 2015’s record-breaking total (4,485,297).

In third spot is Airbnb’s “We Accept”, a campaign which calls for social inclusion which has attracted 155,971 shares online since its launch yesterday, followed by T-Mobile’s “#UnlimitedMoves”, starring Justin Bieber, in fourth (155,070). Audi’s “#DriveProgress”, which tackles the issue of equal pay, was fifth (132,606).

Other ads to appear in this year’s top 10 include Avocados from Mexico’s funny commercial “#AvoSecrets” (sixth), Hyundai’s “A Better Super Bowl” (ninth), which includes footage filmed during the Super Bowl itself, the extended version of 84 Lumber’s controversial campaign, “The Entire Journey”, and Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” (eighth), a rerun of an ad originally screened during the 2014 Super Bowl. Tide’s “Gronk Kinda Gets It Out” was the only teaser to make it onto the list, coming in tenth.

Devra Prywes, SVP, Marketing and Insights, Unruly, said: “For the fourth time in five years, Budweiser took home the most shared spot at this year’s Super Bowl. Budweiser topped the chart by sharing its emotional origin story – one of immigrants’ hard work and determination.

“From 84 Lumber’s server-crashing, overtly political spot to AirBnB’s message of acceptance and Audi’s #driveprogress message, socially-conscious videos make up half of the top ads list. Coca-Cola also re-released an existing ad because it ties so well into the cultural zeitgeist.”


Top 10 most shared ads of Super Bowl 2017

1. Budweiser: “#BornTheHardWay”

Total shares: 435,892


2. Mr Clean: “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

Total Shares: 226,767


3. AirBnb: “We Accept”

Total shares: 155,971


4. T-Mobile: “#UnlimitedMoves”

Total shares: 155,070


5. Audi: “#DriveProgress”

Total shares: 132,606


6. Avocados from Mexico (extended cut): “#AvoSecrets”

Total shares: 103,303


7. 84 Lumber (Extended): The Entire Journey

Total shares: 67,430


8. Coca-Cola: “It’s Beautiful”

Total shares: 62,421


9. Hyundai: “A Better Super Bowl”

Total shares: 59,679


10. Tide: Gronk Kinda Gets Kicked Out – Teaser 2

Total shares: 56,884



Unruly’s Super Bowl Top 10 ranks Facebook and YouTube videos by the number of shares they attract on Facebook and the blogosphere as opposed to the number of views.

As such, it’s a true measure of a brand’s viral success, ranking branded content by the volume of active pass-on rather than the more passive metric of video consumption (views).

Stats were compiled on February 6, 2017. Chart does not include movie trailers.


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