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Unruly Strengthens Brand Safety Promise With New TAG Certification

First Outstream Video Specialist To Receive Independent Certification Under TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines

Unruly is now one of only five companies to have received an independent review certifying its compliance with the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality Guidelines (IGQ).

TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines offer a common framework for companies to describe and disclose the characteristics of their advertising inventory, and they are an important element of TAG’s interlocking approach to addressing the problems of fraud, piracy, malware, and lack of transparency in digital advertising. TAG was created by the 4A’s, the Association of National Advertisers, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Unruly has long been committed to protecting its brand, agency and publishers partners from non-human and unsafe traffic. Unruly protects all advertisers who run a campaign through Unruly Shield, a suite of technologies that combines in-house technology, third-party integrations, industry certification and daily quality assurance.

Unruly not only works with third parties to ensure brand safe practices are in play, but also has a dedicated team to ensure these practices are applied on a daily basis. Unruly Shield’s team conducts daily checks to protect ads placed on the open web and through open exchanges.

Brand safety is something we think about on a daily basis at Unruly. We’re always looking for new ways to strengthen Unruly Shield and TAG’s IQG certification is just another proof point of that. We are dedicated to exceeding high levels of transparency to protect every brand, agency and publisher partner we work with, delivering views they can trust on sites they can trust with metrics they can trust,” said Jessica King, Product Manager for Shield, Unruly.

“Unruly is taking a leadership position by independently validating their adherence to TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines and should be applauded,” said Richard Murphy, BPA Worldwide’s Senior Vice President, Technology Assurance. “They are answering the industry’s call for more trust and transparency.”

Unruly’s in-house Shield team also works with trusted partners, including Moat and Integral Ad Science, to verify both viewability levels and human traffic. Unruly is also certified against JICWEBS’ DTSG Good Practice Principles, and is also DAA compliant.

TAG certification can be obtained at two different tiers: self-verified or independent validation certification. A company has the option to choose one tier or the other. To see the full list of TAG audited companies as well as self-regulated companies, click here.