Unruly / s7 airlines / UnrulyX Launches New Nielsen DAR Optimised PMPs

UnrulyX Launches New Nielsen DAR Optimised PMPs

Buyers can now purchase private marketplaces optimised for Nielsen DAR (Digital Ad Ratings) audiences through UnrulyX. These packages contain premium publishers that meet and exceed Nielsen DAR audience benchmarks in the US, UK and Australia.

Programmatic buyers with Nielsen DAR KPIs for their digital video campaigns can now buy an off-the-shelf PMP that helps hit those KPIs without worrying about adding multiple layers of targeting, which often reduce scale.

Advertisers are increasingly using third-party verification tools that allow them to measure the video impressions that are watched by their target audience.

Nielsen’s DAR are one of the most commonly used tools globally for third party verification. Global advertisers like Unilever and GroupM turn to Nielsen. In fact, GroupM has been using the product since it was known as OCR, or online campaign ratings.

Unruly works with premium publishers and provides access to more than a billion monthly viewable outstream video impressions via UnrulyX, from business and news sites such as MarketWatch and The Sun, to sports sites including Goal.com, to lifestyle sites such as Vogue Australia, many of which are exclusive to UnrulyX.

Unruly has an in-house brand safety team who works with trusted partners, including Moat and Integral Ad Science, to verify both viewability levels and human traffic. Unruly is also compliant with TAG’s Quality Assurance Guidelines and JICWEBS’ Social Video Code of Conduct.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings provide a comprehensive, next-day view of an ad’s online and mobile audience in a way comparable to the Nielsen TV ratings. Powered by the largest user databases and the highest quality panel in the world, Nielsen DAR set a new industry standard for digital audience measurement, according to Nielsen.com.

UnrulyX also highlights publishers’ inventory through a number of specialised private marketplaces (PMPs), such as High-Performance PMPs, which allow advertisers to optimise their campaigns for metrics like high viewability and high completion rates.