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Puppy Power Helps Budweiser Win Super Bowl For Third Time In A Row

Online ad shares increase 82.3% from previous year as movie trailers dominate top 10 most shared commercials of Super Bowl 2015

A Budweiser ad has won the Super Bowl for the third time in a row. The beer brand’s “Lost Dog” commercial attracted 2,168,530 shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs, according to data supplied by video ad tech company Unruly*, making it the fourth most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

It’s the third successive year the Anheuser–Busch InBev brand has had the most shared ad of the Super Bowl. In 2014,  “Puppy Love”, won the Big Game after generating 1.31 million shares the day after Super Bowl Sunday.“Brotherhood” also won at a canter the previous year, attracting 1.5 million shares. The ads currently have 2.91 million and 2.04 million shares respectively.

Released online on January 28, “Lost Dog” generated most of its shares (1.9 million) before Super Bowl Sunday and is on course to surpass their “9/11 Commercial” from Super Bowl 2002 (3.48 million shares) as the most shared Budweiser ad of all time.

Unruly co-founder and COO Sarah Wood said: “Once again, Budweiser has done a great job of creating content that makes a strong emotional connection with the audience and is at the same time integral to the brand.

“Creating shareable content is only half the battle though; it’s crucial to have a smart distribution strategy too. Budweiser delivered on both counts, with heart-melting teasers launched ahead of game day, across a range of platforms and players to deliver lots of online conversation.”

Movie trailers dominate the rest of the top 10, taking up six spots. Leading the way is Universal’s Fast And Furious 7 trailer, in second place, which has generated 640,038 shares since it was released on the day of the Super Bowl (February 1).

Other film trailers to make it into the top 10 are Paramount’s Terminator Genisys (4th), plus Universal’s Ted 2 (6th), Minions (7th), Pitch Perfect 2 (8th) and 50 Shades of Grey (10th).

Meanwhile, Supercell’s Clash of Clans games trailer, starring Liam Neeson, finished third after attracting 404,658 shares. Snickers’ “Brady Bunch” commercial finished 5th (230,375 shares), while No More’s ad – the first domestic violence PSA to be screened during the Super Bowl – was 9th (136,119).

The top 10 ads have so far generated 4,485,297 shares online, almost twice as many shares (82.3%) as Super Bowl 2014’s top 10 managed at the same stage last year (2,460,075).

Sarah added: “This year’s chart is strikingly different from 2014 and is dominated by entertainment brands and movie studios, in particular, as big screen advertisers turn to the small screen to drive awareness of upcoming theatrical releases. The Top 10 ads have a blockbuster feel, and if you have a sense of deja-vu, that’s because 5 out of 6 are sequel trailers – even ‘Lost Dog’ is a sequel to previous Super Bowl ads!

“Last year, half out of the top 10 were auto brands – this year there are no auto brands in the top 10. Last year, half out the top 10 spots were for CPG brands; this year only Bud and Snickers made the cut. Advertisers wanting to use the Super Bowl to drive digital buzz around their campaigns are up against stiff competition now – competing with Hollywood for share of voice.”


McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin”, Reebok’s “Freak Show: Be More Human”, Geico’s “Push It” and Bud Light’s “Real Life Pac-Man” all just missed out on the top 10 after finishing 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th respectively.


Unruly’s Super Bowl Top 10 is based on data from the Unruly Viral Video Chart™, which ranks videos by the number of shares they attract across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere as opposed to the number of views.

As such, it’s a true measure of a brand’s viral success, ranking branded content by the volume of active pass-on rather than the more passive metric of video consumption (views).

Stats were compiled on February 2, 2015.

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