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Unruly Included In IAB UK Working Group To Bring Clarity To Content Marketing

IAB UK’s Content And Native Advertising Working Group Produces Base Line Guidelines To Provide Trading Clarity Around Content Marketing For The Digital Advertising Industry.

First appeared on the IAB UK website 30.04.14

LONDON – Wednesday, 30th April, 2014: The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has today launched broad base line definitions around native ad placement and content for media owners and brands. The objective of the working definitions document is to clearly outline different types of content marketing, what they are and how they work in the digital advertising eco-system.
The definitions working document categorises the different broad characteristics and commercial aspects of four main content-based revenue types: Brand-owned Content, Display Advertising formats, Paid Content and Native distribution. Initially it seeks to inform the work of the IAB’s Content and Native Advertising Working Group. Further work will address labels helping explain the terminology around the discipline.

The IAB’s Content and Native Advertising group* was set up in February 2014 and is made up of industry practitioners from leading agencies, media owners and adtech companies. The working group’s main objective is to establish a common industry understanding of this continually growing medium through definitions, research, labelling and good practice and industry showcasing.  These initial base line definitions are the first piece of work to come out of group and will be further refined by the group which will also be supporting, a content conference taking place on 24th July and a major piece of research.
IAB’s Senior Industry’s Programmes Manager, Clare O’Brien said: “With content-based and native advertising distribution becoming the prime focus of attention for many marketers we felt there was no better time than now to launch this piece of work. We’re aiming for this document to inform our immediate work streams and help brands and media owners begin to share a common language around content marketing terminology. There’s much more to come throughout 2014 from this very active and engaged group.” 

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