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Unruly Opens World’s First Social Video Lab

Brands to increase ROI of social video campaigns based on customised research & insight.

27 June, 2012 – Unruly today launched the world’s first social video lab, which will allow brands and agencies to predict the effectiveness and shareability of their video content before they invest in campaign budget to disseminate it across the web.

Based at Unruly’s London headquarters, the social video lab will use exclusive analytics to enable clients to maximise the potential return on investment of their content. Brands can pre-test the video, and then tweak it based on custom-built insight and research from Unruly, before it is set live online.

Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, which has tracked over 300 billion video streams since launching in 2006, is the engine behind the video analytics. Clients’ concepts will be tested using sentiment tracking and competitive intelligence. The data will then be blended with the latest creative techniques in conjunction with academic institutions, including psychometric testing and focus groups with bloggers.

The goal of the lab is to explain the science behind sharing to ensure brands are getting the best results for their investment. Whether a brands’ objective is to raise awareness, create action, heighten attention, or raise advocacy, feedback will be provided on which emotional and cultural triggers the content delivers, and to what degree the video resonates with consumers.

“Having delivered award-winning global campaigns, including T-Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing, Evian’s Roller Babies, Old Spice’s Man Your Man Could Smell Like and Heineken’s The Entrance, we have the knowledge, technology and the best historical data in the industry to help marketers pinpoint which content is most likely to be enjoyed and shared online by consumers,” said Sarah Wood, Co-Founder and COO of Unruly.

“Because it is emotionally powerful and so easy to share, social video advertising can ignite and amplify conversations at speed and scale – this is its USP vs other media channels such as TV. As social video advertising becomes more prevalent in marketing budgets, we want to ensure our clients are maximising this fantastic approach to its full potential. The lab is the heart of our research and insights services and there will be more exciting developments coming later this year to raise awareness of how brands can team up with us deliver awesome social video campaigns,” concludes Wood.

Research conducted by Unruly found that viewer enjoyment increases by 14% when an ad has been shared with them and that purchase intent increases by 97% when the viewer enjoys the content. Unruly will be releasing more heavyweight research papers about social video advertising throughout 2012 to support its goal to be the home of social video insight.

Unruly is now accepting bookings from qualified brand marketers and agencies for access to the Social Video Lab’s unique services and solutions. To find out more information or to book a tour, click here or email insight@unrulymedia.com.