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Which Brands Are Stealing Hearts This Valentine’s Day?

The most romantic day of the year is upon us – and brands across the globe are getting creative with their Valentine’s Day ads.

Two spots we have to mention, in particular, are Twitter and Burger King, who have caused quite a stir with their anti-Valentine’s Day campaigns.

In its latest OOH campaign, Twitter has replaced aspirational ads with mortifying stories, cringeworthy confessions and unlikely advice from Tweeters on the London Underground and US Subway.

And across the US, Burger King, who has become notorious for its out-of-the-box advertising, has been encouraging people all month to exchange photos of their ex-flames, love letters and romantic gifts for free Whoppers!

These campaigns spurred us on to search the web for the best Valentine’s Day ads of the year. These include a Dunkin’ Donuts-rekindled relationship, a realistic take on love from Moonpig and a story of how Kraft’s Mac & Cheese has saved Valentine’s Day for parents.


Cadbury asks Indians how far will you go for love?

First up is a campaign for Mondelez India’s Cadbury Silk. The chocolate brand is already synonymous with Valentine’s Day after capturing hearts with its ‘Say it with Silk’ campaign, which put a chocolate heart in the middle of every bar.

This year’s spot sees a couple taking a long journey through the woods in search of a firefly display. It ends with the guy popping the signature heart out of the bar and handing it to his partner as they watch the display.

Moonpig rethinks romance in the UK

The internet greeting card company Moonpig launched its hilarious ‘heartfelt can happen anywhere’ campaign over Christmas.

The spot showed people reading cards with thoughtful messages. It then flashes back to the hilarious situations in which they were written.

Its latest spot follows this trend and shows a woman opening her Moonpig Valentine’s Day card at work. As she reads through the romantic message, the ad flashes back to her partner trying to write it in bed while she hits him in her sleep.

Dunkin’ Donuts chases dog lovers in The Philippines

Meet Coco. The cute French bulldog is the star of a new Valentine’s Day ad campaign from Dunkin’ Donuts, which features a couple’s break-up and argument over who will keep the adorable pooch.

The couple agree on taking it in turns to look after the dog, and she changes hands each week at their designated meeting spot, which is… (you guessed it) a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. As well as promoting the store as a great meet-up place, the ad also highlights that they are a dog-friendly chain.

Kraft Mac & Cheese comes to the rescue in the US

Kraft Heinz Company has launched a campaign aimed at parents who want to spend less time cooking for their children and more time together on Valentine’s Day.

The campaign directs parents towards a competition page, where couples have the chance to win a big bowl of Mac & Cheese, along with other items to help make the perfect romantic evening, such as candles and rose petals.