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John Lewis And The Dragon: Watch Why Edgar Has Good Reason To Be Excited

First Joint effort from Waitrose and John Lewis breathes new life (and fire) into Christmas canon

Meet ‘Excitable Edgar’. The cute dragon is the star of the new John Lewis Christmas ad, released earlier this morning, and he’s certainly got a lot to be excited about. 

First up, Edgar co-stars with his friend Ava in the UK retailer’s first-ever joint festive effort with Waitrose.

The new ad, Adam & Eve/DDB’s 11th ad for John Lewis, also seems like a return to form for the retailer following last year’s ad, “The Boy and the Piano”

The 2018 campaign, starring Elton John, certainly divided opinion and was seen as a break from the tried-and-trusted Xmas formula, recently finishing second-bottom in Unruly’s ranking of the UK retailer’s most emotionally-engaging festive commercials of all time

This year’s ad, a 2.30-minute creative set to the toe-tapping ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon and re-recorded by Dan Smith from the band Bastille, tells the heartwarming story of a little girl and her friendship with an excitable young dragon. 


But as Ava and her family get ready for Christmas, Edgar’s fire-breathing excitement gets the pair into a lot of trouble. Ice rinks are reduced to frigid lakes, snowmen puddles and the village Christmas tree a smouldering heap. Worried he’ll ruin Christmas for the family, Edgar hides away. But Ava has one last surprise for her fiery friend. 

Catchy song, adorable protagonist and a nice pay-off at the end – the ad certainly packs an emotional punch, breathing new life (and fire) into John Lewis’ Christmas canon.

But how will it compare with other ads from the retailer? Stay tuned for our emotional analysis of the ad, and discover how it ranks emotionally against John Lewis ads of the past.