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The biggest Trust Talks yet!

Since we launched Trust Talks it’s gotten bigger and bigger, and next week’s event is set to be the biggest yet!

Over the past few years, Trust Talks has brought light to the programmatic ecosystem and given some of the world’s leading advertisers, publishers and brands a platform to discuss the industry’s biggest trends, opportunities, and issues.

We’ve held events across the world in major cities including New York, Singapore and London.

Next Wednesday Trust Talks heads back to London where it all began for a packed morning of panels exploring some of the industry’s most talked-about topics.

The event is now sold out, and for those of you who managed to secure tickets, here is what you can look forward to!

Being a publisher in 2019 is tough, the duopoly is hoovering up ad spend and latest estimates show that their share will grow to more than 63% of the total UK market by the end of the year. Premium publishers need to fight back! This panel is going to address some of the issues and opportunities facing publishers in 2019.

From the rise of browsers blocking third party cookies and where we are currently at with targeting options post-GDPR. We’ll also discuss the rise of second-party data marketplaces and why publisher coalitions are en vogue, once again.

25% of UK internet users claim to have opted out of, or not consented to a request to install cookies over the past 12 months. This is predicted to increase in the next couple of years, as consumer concerns over privacy escalate. Internet privacy and the use of consumer data has leapfrogged from industry trade media into mainstream media. In this discussion, we’ll look at where the ad industry is in its quest for an open and alternative ID.

The panel will also challenge the notion that life in a post-cookie adland will result in partial sightedness for both buyers and sellers unless they operate within walled gardens.

Industry initiatives such as ads.txt and Sellers.json evolved the buying techniques and bidding strategies for programmatic buyers. 90% of top sites in the US and UK now use ads.txt and by some estimates, it has reduced ad fraud by double-digit amounts, many agencies are vetoing publishers who refuse to adhere to these standards.

Join our expert panel as they address topics such as auction mechanics, attribution beyond the third-party cookie, and how the buy-side is navigating the ever-changing programmatic landscape.

Watching sports events is always an emotional rollercoaster and drives huge audience figures, the Rio games were seen by 3.2 billion people, over half the world’s population! Sports fans go through it all; exhilaration, anger, pride, happiness, hilarity… you name it, they feel it! So with some major sporting events on the horizon, including the Tokyo Olympics, the imperative for brands to understand how to connect with audiences on an emotional level is more important than ever.

We know from our proprietary UnrulyEQ data that sporting ads are 15% more emotive than other ads. Join our expert panel to learn which strategies brands, advertisers and publishers need to take advantage of in the lead-up to a huge sporting year.

This event has completely sold out, however, if you’d like to be the first to know about our next event please click here, fill in your details and we’ll let you know as soon as tickets are available.