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Come Together 2019

Come Together 2019 is News Australia’s annual showcase event, held exclusively for clients, partners, media buyers and creative agencies.

The event happened last month and we had an incredible time in both Sydney and Melbourne, finding out about all the exciting news and updates to come out of the News Australia family.

The theme of Come Together 2019 was journeys, and sessions were held at the ICC in Sydney from 18th to 21st March and at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne from the 26th to 28th March. Over 1,000 guests attended 18 sessions in a custom built airport lounge, which then guided them through five immersive customer journeys; Food is Life, Sportopia, Escapism, The Art of Influence, and Love Where They Live.

Each session took attendees on an incredible journey using the latest technology. Food is Life used tables with digital displays to show off new announcements. Sportopia took guests into an indoor community park. Escapism used VR to transport guests to the cabin of a plane. The Art of Influence used state of the art projectors and headphones to introduce virtual speakers, and Love Where They Live seated guests in front of a set of local shops where actors played out a number of interactions that happen every day in our local communities to introduce the session. Click here to find out more about the sessions.

A number of new products were announced at Come Together 2019 including the much anticipated UnrulyEQ+, which combines UnrulyEQ, News Connect and NewsIQ data making it Australia’s most advanced toolkit for creative and media optimisation.

The new product allows advertisers to test and optimise video content for emotional impact, identify the key triggers for the desired audience and match this data with News Connect data to build powerful audience segments of viewers who are most likely to engage with the campaign. Click here to find out more.

As well as the new product announcement, we designed a video game which we took with us to the event entitled Unruly Videocraft’. The aim of the game is to run a digital video campaign through from ideation to distribution, to achieve the best outcome. The game was a huge success, helping to demonstrate what challenges and hurdles brands and advertisers come up against when they run digital video campaigns.

You can check out further highlights from Come Together 2019 in this incredible showreel, and see the sessions in action.