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Warming up Chicago with the power of ads!

The weather in Chicago has plummeted to record-low temperatures of -23°!

To help our Chicago clients as well as the Unrulies in the Chicago office keep the big freeze at bay, we’ve picked four of the warmest ads we could find to raise their spirits and warm their insides! So if you’re in the Chicago area (or anywhere feeling a bit chilly!) sit back, plug in your headphones, crank up the heating and get ready for your hearts and minds to be warmed!

Tourism Australia: Dundee

The first ad on our heat list comes from Tourism Australia. This ad showcases some of Australia’s tourist hotspots and is hosted by Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth. The ad scored a higher than average shareability rate of 37%, 3% higher than the US norm. However, purchase intent and favorability rates were both lower than the US norm scoring 30% for purchase intent and 37% for favorability. In terms of emotions happiness and hilarity were the top two emotions evoked amongst respondents, both scoring higher than the US norm.

Coca-Cola: The Chase

The second ad on our list is by Coca-Cola and is set in the warmth of the Arabian desert. The ad, which was released back in 2013, drops in on a race between a number of different groups including cowboys and dancing girls to get to a giant bottle of Coca-Cola. The ad scored an impressive 50% for purchase intent, which is 11% more than the US norm, however, scored below average for sharability scoring 25% and find out more scoring 26%. The top two emotions evoked in respondents were hilarity and happiness again, however, hilarity was the more dominant emotion by far scoring 12% and happiness scoring just 4% compared to the US norm of 13%.


The next two ads in our lineup have both been included as they have scored the highest for warmth out of all the ads we have ever tested.

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah and Juan

The first is Sarah and Juan by Extra Gum, which is essentially a love story based around a stick of gum. This was one of Extra gum’s most popular ads, and scored 40% for intense warmth amongst viewers. It also scored a huge 62% for purchase intent, it left 49% of respondents wanting to find out more, and 57% of respondents said they’d talked about the ad after viewing it.


Johnson’s: The Benefits of Cotton

The last ad on our list, which scored the second highest for warmth out of all the ads we’ve ever tested is Johnson’s: The Benefits of Cotton. This ad evoked intense warmth amongst 38% of respondents. It also scored well in purchase intent (45%), 44% of respondents said they wanted to find out more, and 42% of respondents talked about the ad with friends after seeing it. Although the percentage scores for this ad were similar to Extra Gum’s they weren’t as impressive as the US norms in the personal care category is a lot higher than the US norms in the snacks and refreshment category.

So there you have it! We hope we’ve made you a little warmer, and taught you something along the way.

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