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F is for Fraud

This addition to the A-Z of Adtech series focusses on ad fraud and our mission to bring back trust to our industry.

Last week we announced that Unruly is now one of nearly 70 nearly companies who are fully certified for the IAB UK Gold Standard. By qualifying for certification we have committed to reduce ad fraud, increase brand safety, and improve the digital advertising experience for consumers.

The Trustworthy Accountability Group recently released its first report dedicated to the European markets and found that the picture was less bleak for those companies that had adopted TAG accreditation. The report revealed that fraud rates dropped from an industry average of 8.99 percent to 0.53 percent — a 94 percent drop — according to the research! (Digiday UK)

Last year our Programmatic Lead. Paul Gubbins, spoke to Dentsu’s Head Of Programmatic Activation, Simon Harris, about our mission to produce brand safe, programmatic video at scale.

Check out their conversation below to find out about our dedication to brand safety, and our mission to bring back trust and transparency to the advertising industry.

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