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Moustaches at the ready!

Today we’ve been celebrating International Men’s day throughout the Unrulyverse. We ran a panel this afternoon where Unrulies from across the globe joined a discussion around mental health, equality, achieving a work life balance, and the expectations that are put on men.

A number of men who work at Unruly have also been participating in Movember, the annual event where men grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Through the awareness gained from tache-growers worldwide, Movember Foundation has now funded over 1,200 men’s health projects globally since 2003, ranging from partnerships with leading cancer researchers to grassroots projects to help suicide prevention. These are issues close to our hearts, affecting our families and friends, and the work Movember is doing is helping stop men dying far too young.

We’re now half way through the month and so we checked in with some of the participants to see how they’re getting on.

Some of the participants have sent us photos of their progress so far however their are two moustache imposters! Can you tell which ones aren’t Unrulies?

Selection of Unruly moustaches

Show your support by donating to the Unruly team’s Movember page!