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Case Study: Shorter ads deliver results for AccorHotels

AccorHotels is a French multinational hospitality company. They own, manage and franchise hotels, resorts, and vacation properties.

This year they launched a ‘Welcome Bali’ campaign in the Asia Pacific. They did this to increase awareness of the brand within the region, and also to promote their Bali holidays. We helped to show them how shorter ads deliver results by shortening their hero ad to just 10s.

The Campaign

AccorHotels wanted to tweak their advert to increase reach among their intended audience (males and females aged 18+ ).

In an age where consumer attention is scarce, AccorHotels was keen to make their existing asset work harder because they wanted to reach new audiences. To do this they decided to create a shorter version of their ad. This would allow them to get their key messages across to new viewers. Many of whom would not otherwise stick around for a 2.30-second ad.

More brands are realising that shorter ads deliver results. This is because they help to catch consumer’s attention in overcrowded online spaces.

Last year a study by comScore found online ads targeted at millennials need to be five to six seconds long to be effective. And if millennials spend 61% of their online time in smartphone apps, 8% browsing on mobiles, 25% on desktop and 5% on tablets, therefore short viewing periods are critical. (The Drum).

“The attention economy is a cruel mistress and takes no prisoners. Get their attention in six seconds or not at all.” – Alexei Edwards, Head of Social, Tribal Worldwide London

First of all to help them achieve their goal we used a combination of UnrulyEQ and tools from UnrulyX Edit Suite. This helped to identify and extract impactful parts of the Bali advert. Especially where emotions of exhilaration, inspiration and amazement were evoked. The original 2:30s ad was, therefore, cut down to just 10s.

flying over Bali

Shorter Ads Deliver Results

“Unruly has helped us to understand how people react emotionally and psychologically to our videos. From a 2:30 minute long video the Unruly algorithm extracted the 10 most impactful seconds. Our audience is now exposed to the 10-second ad and it’s performing really well!” – Mary KON-SUN-TACK, Director of Digital Marketing  – APAC, AccorHotels

The newly reduced video created the impact it was designed to. As a result, it has delivered 6.5M views across the region. It also outperformed the MOAT benchmark by 13% demonstrating how shorter ads deliver results.


How was it done?

UnrulyX Edit Suite quickly converts content into new digital formats to engage more customers in more places. Furthermore, our hands-on approach makes creative work harder, unifies brand consistency, and also optimises content for multiple screens. Finally, we distribute the content at speed and scale for maximum impact. Because the assets are optimised for the environment, campaigns perform better.  

With our Short fix solution, we chop existing video or TVC to a 6, 15 or 30-second cut. Using UnrulyEQ Max and facial coding, we scientifically identify and hone in on the most emotive part of the ad. This creates a short-form, mobile-optimised ad which captures consumer’s attention.

Take a look at how this was achieved.

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