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The Best Ads Of May 2018

Every month Unruly scours the web for the best and brightest bits of video advertising, and collects them in this handy list so you can catch up on anything you missed!

May’s selection of ads is certainly diverse – with comedy spots from all sorts of brands tickling our funny bones.

Kicking off the list are Oasis and Spotify with funny ads lampooning purpose-driven ads and action movies alike.

Elsewhere BBC Sport gets creative with an ad for its World Cup coverage, while Fruit of the Loom encourages men to, well, put a shirt on.



5. BBC Sport – History Will Be Made

The Fifa World Cup is less than two weeks away – and this impressive ad from BBC Sport aims to get us in a competitive mood with its creative use of stop motion and a real-life loom.


4. Spotify – The Chase


Spotify has made waves in the past 12 months with its eye-catching OOH ads, and this creative knack is clearly spreading to video. ‘The’ Chase starts off like any old action movie, but the music that brings it all together might surprise you.


3. Oasis – Togetherness

This spot from Oasis is a shrewd, hilarious take on ‘purpose driven’ marketing – a clear shot at Heineken’s ‘Worlds Apart’ ad from last year. A satire of the idea that brands might help resolve people’s differences – the ad’s punchline saves it from being too sneering and adds just the right amount of silly.


2. iZettle – For The Selfmade


This ad from iZettle, who make cheap and accessible card readers, is equal parts Black Mirror and Blade Runner (with some pretty clear homages to the latter). The ad posits a world where one giant megacorp (no prizes for who they mean) has taken over all commerce.


1. Fruit of the Loom – #PutAShirtOn


Speaking of looms, Fruit of the Loom’s latest hilarious ad campaign begins with a fact we should all be aware of – every 7.3 seconds, a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt on. Throughout the minute-plus spot, a nameless narrator expresses concern over the looming problem – “Shirts are falling apart before men can take a picture of them.” Thanks to Fruit of the Loom and the new addition to its website, you can get a shirt for the price of a sandwich and help end shirtlessness.