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CMPs – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Ahead of the GDPR enforcement date, there’s one phrase on everyone’s mind, Consent Management Platforms (CMP), which are designed to help publishers manage the different levels of consent from their audiences.

To help you bust some of the jargon surrounding CMPs, we’ve broken down just exactly what CMPs are, how they work and who needs to be thinking about them.

What is a CMP? And what does it have to do with GDPR?

CMP stands for Consent Management Platforms, which have become an increasingly hot topic ahead of the rollout of the GDPR on May 25. The IAB Europe announced the Open Transparency & Consent Framework to help publishers navigate GDPR which standardises the capture of user consent for data.


How do CMPs work?

Consent Management Platform’s (CMPs) work by capturing and storing details around what data individual consumers have consented to share. These details are then shared with other partners in a publisher’s digital supply chain, giving all parties transparency over what data they should and shouldn’t be using.

Consent Management Platforms take different shapes, but there are a number of key aspects that make up most CMPs;

  • Consent capture: Generalised, easy-to-understand form for capturing consent preferences
  • Consent by purpose: Designed to allow users to consent based on the how the data they are conceding will be used
  • Consent by company: Allows users to choose which specific third-parties they share their data with
  • Data access rights: Centrally maintained portal allowing users to adjust preferences and request access to or deletion of their data


What does a CMP look like?

You can view examples of the above through Quantcast’s portal.


Which one should I use?

There is a long list of CMPs you can use which you can find here. Outside of third-party CMPs like those provided by OneTrust and Quantcast, many publishers are building their own.


I’m a publisher in the US and/or APAC. I don’t need to implement a new CMP right?

If you have international traffic, you will need to implement a CMP to account for those visitors originating from the EU.


What does Unruly recommend?

There are a few simple ways to ensure you’re prepped for the GDPR. First steps would be to educate yourself (the IAB’s framework linked above is a good place to start) and deciding on your consent management platform.

The whole point of GDPR is to have greater transparency on the industry, so Unruly recommends publishers start a dialogue with your advertising platform partners to uncover the best practices they’re seeing.

Secondly, we’d love to ensure that as an existing partner, Unruly is a choice for your users, so please let us know which CMP you are using and we can ensure that Unruly will show up correctly in your CMP interface.