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News You Can Use: UK Ad Industry’s Gender Pay Gap Revealed

Every week Unruly brings together the biggest headlines and breaking stories from the world of advertising – compiling them in this handy list so you can catch up with everything you need to know before the weekend.

This week’s news includes the latest programmatic forecasts from eMarketer, a round-up of the greatest 2018 April Fool’s ads and an ambitious plan for the Boston Marathon from adidas.



1. Unruly receives TAG Anti-Fraud and Inventory Quality Certification

Unruly is excited to announce we’ve received Independent Certification against the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s Anti-Fraud guidelines – one of only 15 businesses worldwide to have achieved this status.


2. April Fool’s Day sweeps Adland

Adland celebrated the time-honoured tradition of April Fool’s Day by embracing its silly side. Every year a handful of brave advertisers push the boat out with videos, stunts, press releases and more – ranging from the just-about-believable to the truly ridiculous.

Our personal favourites this year were:


3. adidas creates 30,000 personalised videos for the Boston Marathon

Ahead of this year’s Boston Marathon on April 16, adidas have set themselves the unenviable challenge of creating 30,000 personalised videos – that’s one per runner.

The ads themselves will be created by combining data from the racers themselves (like pace and timings), with some very clever-sounding street level technology, and a whole host of cameras.


4. UK marketing and advertising firms reveal extent of gender pay gap

UK businesses this week revealed the extent of the nationwide gender pay gap.

Analysis from The Drum show that UK marketing businesses have a median hourly pay gap of 16.2% – slightly better than the UK-wide median of 18.4% – while media companies fared better, with an average median of 13.5%.

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