Unruly Home Show: Barclays, Direct Line and BNY Mellon Discuss The Future of Finance

The Unruly Home Show explores how connected devices are changing the way brands interact with consumers.

In the series, Unruly Futurist Simon Gosling chats with innovative businesses and individuals whose products and ideas are disrupting their industries.

This month we sat down with John Cooper, VP of Strategic Innovations in the Mobile Payments Innovation team at Barclays, Jenny Trueman, Head of Connected Home at Direct Line, and Anthony Macey, Blockchain Strategy Lead at BNY Mellon, to talk about how connected tech is changing the world of finance.

According to PwC’s Global Fintech Report 2017, 77% of financial services institutions expect to adopt blockchain as part of an in-production system or process by 2020, and 20% of these traditional bodies are expected to see returns of 20% from FinTech related projects.

With this in mind, the panel discussed how innovations around connected tech, blockchain and artificial intelligence are impacting the way we manage our finances, communicate with banks and insure our homes.