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These Are The Best Ads Of March 2018

Unruly every month scours the corners of the web for the funniest, saddest and weirdest ads around – then puts them all into a handy list of the hottest ads around.

This month’s batch includes nostalgia galore from brands like Apple and Powerade, plus some light-hearted giggles from Sling TV.

Also in the round-up is an ad from Amazon that features a scenario we’re all too familiar with – and last but not least, the UCLA Hammer Museum gives us a special appearance from our favourite comedians, Will Ferrell and Joel McHale.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. Sling TV – We are Slingers!


Sling TV wants to make sure we all don’t confuse “swingers” with “slingers.”  While it seems like these two couples are leading up to a very different type of night in Sling TV’s new playful spot, you’ll be both laughing and wanting to sign up for a non-commitment TV service.


4. Amazon Fire TV – Too Many Questions

In this latest spot by Amazon, Alexa showcases its most powerful tool yet – fast forwarding and rewinding using your Alexa (so you can answer all of your parents’ annoying questions about Homeland without missing a thing). While Alexa can’t promise you a stress-free viewing experience, she can definitely ease the process.


3. Powerade – That’s Some Kind of Power


You know that saying “don’t drink the kool-aid?” Well, in Powerade’s new spot, you’ll be saying quite the opposite. Turns out Powerade is not just a sports drink full of electrolytes, but it also has the ability to turn a former athlete into a super athlete. Full of flashbacks to 70s basketball and Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” you’ll finish this commercial feeling thirsty and wanting to play ball.


2. Hammer Museum – Will Ferrell and Joel McHale visit the Hammer Museum


While one may not automatically associate a museum with humour, UCLA’s Hammer Museum tapped into some of comedy’s leading men to change that perception. In this six-minute spot, Will Ferrell and Joel McHale tour the museum offering quite the commentary. You’ll be laughing your way to the line at the Hammer Museum in no time.


1. Apple – Homework


To piggyback off of its latest release – a more affordable iPad stocked with educational tools – Apple has released a two-minute spot that really tugs at your heartstrings by tapping into the nostalgia factor. Showcasing the new iPad’s AR functionalities, a group of five young children spend their day turning their homework into a real life adventure with the help of Apple. Suddenly I’m wishing I was in science class and am longing for childhood.