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News You Can Use: 1/3 People Don’t Understand How Their Data Is Collected

Each and every week Unruly scours the web looking for the biggest headlines in advertising and marketing, bringing them all together in one handy list so you can stay up to date with what’s happening across the industry.

This week we take a look at what’s on the cards for Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in Barcelona next week (February 26-March 1). We also dig into a wide-reaching report from eMarketer looking at the impact of GDPR.

Elsewhere, the latest report from DotEveryone reveals some interesting research into how consumers feel about how their data is being used by brands.



4. KFC’s Major Mishap Leads To An Excellent Example Of Brand Humility

KFC made headlines early in the week for a major mishap with their suppliers which meant many restaurants from across their UK chain had to be closed because they had no chicken – a major crisis for Saturday night takeaway lovers.

The brand bounced back today, though, with a truly exceptional print ad, admitting to their mistake and asking forgiveness – while also praising the work of their staff. It’s pretty funny too!


3. What To Expect From Mobile World Congress 2018

Next week will see tech companies of all shapes and sizes descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, Europe’s largest annual tech conference. Analysts and pundits alike are expecting big reveals from Samsung and Nokia – as well as general updates from the biggest players across the mobile industry.


2. Your GDPR Primer From eMarketer

The latest report from eMarketer explores GDPR and the major changes the legislation will have on how consumer data is collected, stored and used. It also looks at how well companies are dealing with the changes required to be compliant, and what they can expect from GDPR over the next 12 months.


1. DotEveryone Research Reveals Knowledge Gap

DotEveryone – an independent research company which explores topics such as digital inclusion and literacy – this week released new research examining the general public’s understanding of how their data is being used and collected ahead of GDPR.

It highlights a huge gap between the kinds of data people think is collected by marketers and what actually is, with only 38% aware that data about their internet connection (IP) is collected and stored.