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5 CES 2018 Advertising Sessions You Can’t Miss

CES officially kicks off today! Have you got your pass? Did you download the app? The mammoth conference is basically the tech equivalent of Glastonbury – you need 40 minutes to get anywhere and you’re bound to get distracted by something you had no idea was there!

But among the self-driving cars, smart fridges, wall-sized TVs and helpful robots there is an impressive lineup of keynotes, panels discussions and presentations – especially for the keen-eyed marketer.

So to help you smoothly navigate these busy four days in Vegas Unruly has put together a definitive list of the five advertising and marketing sessions you should definitely attend this week. And if all this running around has got you flagging, why not head to the Unruly suite for some video insights and much-needed R&R at the Unruly Spa?



1. The Future is Female

Today – 9.30-10.15am @ Tech South, ARIA, Level 1, Bristlecone 4

This panel, featuring leaders from across the advertising industry, will look at the changing way marketers are speaking to women, with a particular focus on the different ways tech can be used to empower female consumers. Featuring Bank of America’s CMO Meredith Kerdone, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer for Condé Nast, Pamela Drucker Mann, and UM’s US CEO, Kasha Cacy, this discussion will explore where advertisers have gone wrong in the past, and what they should be aiming for going forward.


2. The Future of Technology Driven Creativity

Today – 10.30-11.30am @ Tech South, ARIA, Level 1, Bristlecone 4

Against the context of an increasingly fragmented media landscape, this panel, featuring leaders from across technology, publishing and advertising, will discuss how brands can bring together tech and storytelling, digging into the implications of cross-platform content and modern experiences like VR.


3. Alexa, what is AI’s Impact on Advertising?

Today – 1.30pm-2.30pm @ Tech South, ARIA, Level 1, Bristlecone 4

The discussion around smart homes and connected tech has taken over advertising over the past 12 months, and is perfectly suited to the future-facing crowds of CES. So it’s no surprise that one of the most exciting talks this year will focus on how artificial intelligence and smart assistants can be harnessed by marketers to boost sales and brand outcomes.


4. C Space Storytellers: CMO Panel

Today – 3.30-4.15pm @ Tech South, ARIA, Level 1, Pinyon Ballroom

Join leading CMOs from Deloitte, Panasonic, Turner and more for this discussion on how changing tech and consumer attitudes towards data are affecting marketing plans and strategies – and what 2018 might hold for the industry.


5. Mobile Innovation: How 5G will Enable the Future

Wednesday, 10 January, 10.00-11am @ Tech West, Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom

With the next generation of mobile internet networks fast approaching, this panel will discuss how the rollout of global 5G networks will impact a new wave of advertising and connected technologies.