The Home Show: How Smart Homes & IOT Are Helping A New Generation Of Carers

The Home Show is a new series from Unruly which looks at how connected devices and emerging tech are changing the way brands speak to consumers.

In the series, our futurist, Simon Gosling, chats with innovative businesses and individuals whose products and ideas are disrupting their industries.

This week we look at how tech is helping carers. In the UK, 3 million people juggle paid work with caring responsibilities, while one in six people give up work to care for loved ones. So how can IoT tech help?

In order to answer this question, in this week’s Home Show, Simon sat down with Jonathan Burr, CEO of Howz, a company whose connected devices help family members and carers to support those in need.

Howz’s products are specifically designed to alert carers when they are needed, meaning they can be confident their loved ones are safe while they are away or at work. The devices are not intrusive either, which means those being cared for can retain their sense of independence.